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Claude Fullinfaw

Claude Fullinfaw


I run my SEO agency in Brisbane from home and love the flexibilty. What I love most is I can chose who to work with and whose life I can make a difference in. I give my best to my clients’ needs so that they can bring in more business incomes for their partners & families without stressing where the traffic is going to come from each week. All this through affordable local SEO.

Read more about me on the About Page as the SEO expert in Brisbane to get a feel who I am.

Why did I start this agency? 

Anyone could get a site up on Page One in those early days. With each new Google update I saw my rankings quite often disappear. Lost rankings means lost revenue. Instead of being discouraged I tweaked things, until …

I started to notice what Google recognised as good search engine marketing techniques and what did not pass the test.

So if you want to rank your websites without wanting to wait years to learn search engine marketing through courses, or wasting money on cheap SEO packages or by just trying to figure things out then I am that guy you should be turning now to for help. Because I deliver!


This took less than 45 days to rank

Would you like your website to dominate Google?

How could it change your business?

local seo brisbane

Here is another example

Just imagine your business can hold positions for free like this too
seo packages


Local SEO Consultants in BrisbaneClaude is a thorough and competent SEO professional. For fast ranking strategies and tactics for business websites, we recommend Claude.

Gary McGeown

Senior SEO, NI SEO – Irelands leading Search Engine Marketing Company.


Your SEO Plan

Brisbane SEO Company

Our 5 Step Process For Increasing Free Traffic For Clients

  1. Effective keyword optimization for all your page content
  2. Create internal linking strategies boosting Trust flow between internal pages
  3. Adding high authority inbound links
  4. Connect site to correct citation sites & high profile social sites
  5. Send quality traffic to sites

Month One | Outline of work proposed


WEEK ONE:      Check and rectify Keyword Density of site with right keywords. Change image names, tags, etc.

WEEK TWO:      Add website to 40 Citation Sites on the Internet.

WEEK THREE:   Add Site To 20 Social Sites on the Internet.

WEEK FOUR:    Add Two high Quality back-links to website. Send monthly report to client

Month Two (same as for future months)

WEEK ONE: One quality back-link added with one keyword as anchor text. Link this to website

WEEK TWO: One quality back-link added with one keyword as anchor text. Link this to a social property or website

WEEK THREE: One quality back-link added with one keyword as anchor text. Link this to website

WEEK FOUR: Send quality traffic to website. Send monthly report to client

We will continue to optimize website for relavant set of chosen keywords each month. The goal is to rank for a whole set of keywords in 12 months time.

List of topics we cover on this page

  • Why Organic Listings is so much better and cheaper than Paid Advertising
  • How we help local business in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions in South East Queensland
  • Nine important search engine optimization factors to keep in mind when optimizing websites
  • Why Partner with us
  • Six Points in choosing SEO professional services

How can a local SEO agency work for you as the business owner?

Most businesses we notice find it hard to get potential customers. These businesses are very good at what they do yet it’s not good enough if they cannot find customers to attract in the first place and then look after.

The right Brisbane local SEO agency will be able to fulfill this need to bring more clients to your door.

This is where a good local SEO agency near you can play a vital role in filling the need to find the right customer for your business.

Now if a business were to pay for Google Adwords to get to the top of the listings it doesn’t mean you own that top spot in paid advertising in Google.

Let us talk about paid ads or Adwords now …

Can Adwords help you?

Yes, they can. But there is more to it.

Paying to be seen can become expensive and if not done properly can land up costing you more than you make online. Adwords gives you an opportunity to be placed on top of other search listings immediately.

Yet the top place listing will all depend on the fact if your website content matches up with your Google Ad that you run with Adwords. It’s all about relevancy. As long as you pay and have relevant content Google will allow you to place your Ad listing however not guaranteeing you a place in the top of the paid listings.

So paying for Adwords should not the be your only option! We want to have more clients for our business certainly yet not be limited to what Adwords can give us.

So Is There A Better Way To Get Traffic To Your Site?

Brisbane Local SEO Agency

Yes, there is a better way and with the help of local SEO agencies, you can get your website on the first page of the largest search engine – Google. This will help you stop paying out thousands of dollars each month for pay per click advertising.

Yes, and you will be seen in the organic listings.

Organic search listings are found on a Google page in the search result. It is done through effective search engine optimization. Let’s will talk about that in a minute. The answer lies in organic search.

A bit more on – Organic Searches? This is the search results that pop up under the paid advertising you see in Google. Organic results, however, take up most of the webpage. It’s a vital virtual real estate that your business needs to be taking advantage of.

Organic listings are free but only work if you are on Page 1 on the biggest search engine, Google. As you are aware there are hundreds, thousands if not millions of websites on the internet. Getting in on the first page is important however very complex.

This is where a very experienced local SEO consultant comes in handy.

Are local SEO agencies useful to Brisbane businesses?


A local SEO agency may have very professional consultants that help businesses get to the top of the search pages. This local SEO consultant in Brisbane will help drive very hot and ready to buy customers to you.


These potential buyers want to do trade with you right now. All you as the business owner has to do is assist the potential caller with their trade or service inquiry and then close the sale. It can be that easy.


However, getting potential clients to find your site can be challenging.


So do you need more people visiting your website? The very fact you are on this page means you are needing more visitors. We as Brisbane’s local SEO Agency can satisfy this business requirement. We are the missing link or puzzle in your marketing strategy.


Our local site engine optimization firm can have happier buyers find you on Google so you can dominate your competitors every single day of the year. This can happen with our expertise in search engine optimization (SEO).


Do you want 100’s of clients calling you right now? What would that mean to your bottom line this year? If you want to know more let’s connect …

How Do We Help Local Business?

SEO Services in Brisbane

best seo agency Brisbane

We help local Brisbane business in a number of ways.

Firstly to increase their sales through local search engine rankings and help them make more profits each week. Using our local SEO expertise with the search engine algorithms as seen in Google we send people to you effortlessly. We do this by optimizing your website with the correct search engine optimized keywords relevant to your product or service.

This can help potential clients reach you on the internet easily with web search instead of pay per click advertising.

Don’t pay for web traffic ever again!

Instead of paying for every click with Paid By Click advertising we will help rank you on Page 1 in Google in the Organic Search results. You don’t have to ever pay again for hungry buyers clicking to go to your website.

Just imagine your web page could potentially be found now in the top 10 in Google. This is what a professional Brisbane local SEO expert will help create for your organization so you can do business more seamlessly and not ever have to worry how the search engines will find you again.

Gary McGeown

Local SEO Consultants in Brisbane Claude is a thorough and competent SEO professional. For fast ranking strategies and tactics for business websites, we recommend Claude.

Why Trust A Local SEO Company Brisbane

Don’t ever pay for old leads again.

Another important aspect that local SEO agency experts can help you is to avoid buying expensive business leads ever again.

Business leads generally are either a few days old or even worse – they have been resold to your competition over and over.

Have you ever called a lead and told that someone else’s has been in touch with them (the potential client) already.

This is because that phone number of that person was sold multiple times to your competition.

Do you want that happening or you want to own your own leads from today?

local brisbane seo

You don’t have to share them with your competition.

When we at Cloud SEO Marketing, your Brisbane Local SEO Agency, do your web search optimization you will find the people that call you are your own prospects that came through your site by researching how you can take care of their needs. You don’t have to share them with your competition. As long as you look after the person who calls you business will grow. This is what a business prospect through search engine optimization means to you –  a more qualified and timely prospect.

Local SEO Agency Brisbane Tips!

9 Search Engine Success Factor To Consider!

Below is a list of benefits (search engine optimization success factors) you can experience with our local SEO Brisbane expertise. You will have us working behind the scenes to bring more customers to your door with better search results.

Increased Business Exposure On The Internet:

  • Gives your business the chance to dominate Google and drive more traffic to your business every day.
  • This will create effective local brand recognition as you get to the top of the search engine results.
  • We will make possible that every digital footprint on the internet will walk pass your business website’s door with clever marketing techniques. This is made possible with the right sort of link building that is acceptable with the search engine spiders (this is the algorithms that Google has to look at what your site is all about) as well as the Right keywords for your web content.
SEO Brisbane Intenet Marketing

Australian SEO Services Brisbane

8 More Benefits That Adds More Value To Your Business Are


  1. Growing Your Client Base Made Easy: Our SEO services will help drive more relevant customers to visit your webpages through search results. These people will come through the leading search engines, who then call your office phone number or email you direct than any other online or offline marketing you implemented so far. These web visitors have come to you through the right search keywords that we will put into place. Never once will you have to pay for every visitor to your site anymore.
  2. Help You Increase Your Profits Each Year: You can relax and watch as your profits grow. Increased customers influx caused by good ranking factors and effective keyword usage that will be implemented on each of your money pages in Google.
  3. Consider Us As An Extension To Your Business: We are here to assist you to grow your business. So if you ever have a business problem that needs attention all you have to do is either call us immediately or drop us an email and we will look at it personally. We are real people at the agency right here to assist. You will soon get to know our SEO team. And we are certainly not robots at your local Brisbane SEO agency. But people just like you who want to look after their customers. Our customers are very important to us.
  4. We Shall Provide You With Regular Reports – Monthly: Each month you will get detailed reports on your business search results and ranking factors and how it is improving. We will also send you the latest news in the SEO industry.
  5. We Are The Best Where SEO Is Considered Globally (may we say this humbly): We belong to an elite group of site engine optimization experts who discuss what’s working for our clients, what’s not working for them and when to move away from strategies that don’t work. This is invaluable to our clients (you) as it helps them to concentrate making more revenue each month without bothering about getting business traffic to their door.
  6. Dominating Google Just Becomes Easier For You: We pride ourself in not only dominating the first page in the biggest search engine- Google, but to help rank your site multiple times potentially on the first page too for multiple keywords.
  7. All Our Work Is In House: All our site engine optimization work is done right here in our Brisbane company offices and not outsourced to a third party overseas. We do not practice any black hat tactics nor take short cuts of any sorts. We pride take pride in giving our customers the best service back with the latest knowledge in how leading search engines work that comes from some of the top industry leaders.
  8. You Will Have A Worry Free Contract To Work With: Pay month by month. Why pay for something that doesn’t work. We do not believe in locking our clients into contracts they don’t want to keep. Because we know we will deliver every time.

Why This Brisbane SEO Company?

Why Is It Important To Partner With Cloud Seo Marketing?

SEO Professionals Services BrisbaneClaude is great at understanding how online businesses work. His decades of experience in the offline business industry makes him an amazing asset for any client wanting to upgrade their online presence. He has a sound understanding of search engine optimization and digital marketing, and he lays out a plan for his clients that almost guarantees success! Rohit Raut

Digital Marketing Expert, SEO Ninja

Local SEO Brisbane City QueenslandI got to first know Claude from Cloud SEO Marketing in December 2016 and have since developed a strong admiration for his knowledge in his field of SEO and the professional approach he takes with all his clients. I highly recommend him.

More Testimonials

Jochen Dullenkopf

CEO, Dullenkopf SEO & Online Marketing

What we learn from our clients: When we discuss what our clients are looking for when they come to us we realize that many of them want to have the extra business that the internet can send their way. However, they are not sure on how to go about it. Before you sign up with us as your local SEO agency you should read these points below:


You need to check if our SEO company can deliver. It is very important for you to take the time to analyze what a local search engine marketing service can offer you.


This is not an easy step to take as the SEO expert now becomes an extension of your business.


Something you need to take into consideration.

Seo Consultants Brisbane

He or she (your local SEO expert) does need to know what you do as a business so that they can then work best with the search engine optimization process to drive more traffic to your website. They need to know what drives your business, how you work within the business and the clients you want to attract. If they can satisfy this business need of yours as well as match it with a potential client then everyone wins – you win and the potential client wins and the local SEO agency wins. This is exactly what Google wants on their platform.


Why is this important to know? Google wants their customers (people who use Google) to get good service, in other words, the best searches. It is not just a few random keywords thrown together as most so called Adwords/ SEO consultants pride themselves doing these days.

A Good Question To Ask Your Local Brisbane SEO Expert ...

A question to ask is “is their website for SEO ranking on the first page of Google“.


If they can’t rank their site or web pages how can they rank yours?


It’s just common sense. Some of our work below

SEO consultant brisbane
Brisbane City SEO
local SEO Brisbane consultants

So this brings me back to which local SEO agency should you consider working with to help you rank your websites on the first page of Google.

Every minute lost in ranking means lost sales which then means lower profits for your company. So much is at stake here as time is working against you and the last thing you don’t want is throw away profits on any SEO consultant’s work that may not result in the relevant organic search results you need right now.

Remember that every day that goes by you are losing business to your competition who will happily take your profits away.

Before You Buy Any SEO Services in Brisbane …

A 7 Point Checklist In Choosing The Right Company!

I have made the task for you even easier with a checklist to see who should be a potential SEO company to partner with in helping you rank your site in Google’s organic search results.SEO company to partner with in helping you rank your site in Google’s organic search results.


  1. Size of Your Company


An important point to ask the SEO expert you speak to is if they have different price points based on the size of the company. Each company is different with different SEO needs and Cloud SEO Marketing understands that every business is unique with different requirements.


At Cloud SEO we do not use a cookie cutter approach to help a local business rank on the internet. Because every company has different needs with different products and must be handled differently.


The reason we use different strategies when helping our clients to rank well is because if we were to use the same cookie cutter approach on every website then your site will be lost in cyberspace and never be found by your potential clients on Page 1 in Google.

SEO Specialist Brisbane
  1. SEO Keyword Optimization


Keywords play an important part in helping your website rank in Google. If used properly then Google spiders can index your site well and make it more available to clients searching for your products or services online. How effectively relevant clients can find you will depend on how on topic the keyword research has been.


At Cloud SEO Marketing we first look at your page content. Then we check to see what keywords have been used and if we need to optimize any. We may also suggest alternate keywords replace some of the words used to help rankings improve.


We will provide you a detailed search engine optimisation report analysis on the SEO keywords and how they can improve site engine optimization in Google.


  1. Getting Your Concerns Looked At


As you start to work with your local SEO agency professional you will begin to get an idea how he or she deals with search related issues that come up.


Does the local SEO agency stay on top of the competition that arise and deal with any problems that may arise immediately that could cause potential loss of traffic to your site?


The best local site engine optimization agencies will work with you in a timely manner helping you grow your business effortlessly. They understand that you need to concentrate on your business and not worry about web traffic.


This is why it is important picking the correct local SEO agency partner for your company’s growth. We pride ourselves in helping businesses get more clients every day.


  1. Time Is The Essence In Business


In business, time plays an important part in staying ahead of the competition.


The search engine optimization firm you partner ultimately with must assure you that you can have peace of mind in being ahead of the competition in your niche.


These people must work professionally within the time frames they specified. You don’t have to run after them to get the job done once the contracts are signed.


The SEO experts at your local SEO agency will work diligently in helping you rank your site on Page 1 in Google allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – giving better service or products to customers that call you.

  1. Paying For Quality Service


It is hard work to get a site to rank on the first page of Google. And it’s harder still to help the site to keep ranking well.


The search engine optimization company has to develop a strategy whereby they can find good money pulling SEO keywords for their client. This then helps the client’s website attract a steady flow of good traffic from the internet every day with little or no competition for those keyword or keyword phrases.


While it should be noted that you shouldn’t pay top prices for SEO services yet you should expect not to pay bargain basement rates either.


Professionals in SEO companies normally charge reasonable prices for their exception professional services with SEO pricing. And they will always stand behind their work.


  1. Creating Digital Business Partners


Most people can rank a few keywords yet building a good linking strategy for your site is as important. In the real world, we all have friends. We are the average net worth of the friends we hang out with. In the digital space, it is the same.


We need to show Google our site is well respected and is connected with quality sites on the internet. Is our site a trusted site as seen by Google? If we can effectively do this Google will love our business. This will again help our rankings.


So how do you do all this? Don’t worry as your SEO company will do this for you. They know how important it is to build internal as well as one-way link pathways (external) that connect your site to other websites on the net.


The internet marketing company you work with will provide you with a detailed structure of the SEO keyword linking strategy they will intend to use and the sites they will connect with so as to improve your website rankings.


  1. Keeping The End In Mind And Working Towards It


  • One of the main reasons why business owners have started to work with Cloud Seo-Marketing, the local SEO agency in Brisbane is because this SEO company follows through on all its promises.
  • When you start working with our SEO team you will be given an in-depth study on how the SEO service provider will start working on your website to increase its rankings.
  • The local SEO agency consultant will explain each step patiently until you feel confident in going ahead with the project.
  • The marketing strategies this team will use will certainly drive more targeted traffic to your website and your business phones at work.
  • This will drive more sales and in turn, increase your customer base as well as profits.

In Summary- Why Pick Us AS Your Brisbane SEO Expert!

We hope these 7 tips above will assist you in finding the right local SEO specialist in Brisbane to partner with.

Firstly to get you started on the correct path, however, more importantly getting you found on the net and helping develop your global presence as a business leader in your niche by helping you each day to get higher results in the search engines.

Secondly, remember that if your websites are not visible on the first page of Google then you are not being found by your potential customers and you are losing money every day to the competition.

Do you still feel you may not need help? Read this … Now in case if you are asking yourself ‘why do I need a local SEO agency to work on my website?‘ then think twice.

With more and more people accessing the internet in the palms of their hands via a smartphone device to search for products and services near them its time to give these people what they are looking for. If you don’t provide a timely service you will miss out.

Customers are not looking up the Yellow Pages nor the local papers anymore. In fact, when have you searched on your phone for a local company near you recently to help you?

If the answer is YES then you now understand how important it is to be found in Google’s Local Search these days, especially with mobile searches. This is why SEO consultant in Brisbane can help you. Call the best SEO service in Australia now on 0422442029.

seo services brisbane

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This is what we specialize in. Local search engine optimization for local Brisbane businesses just like yours.

We like to provide you with a detailed free website SEO Audit and then give you an honest assessment of changes that we could implement in your business website. This is to help with its rankings which in turn will increase your business.

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