Your brand in Brisbane is your identity and must be seen above the competition. Just like having a huge billboard on the main road we must position you on Google with the same mindset. And that is what we at Cloud SEO Marketing will establish first on Google as well as other search engines. We want your business website to first dominate the page for its brand name when someone looks you up on the internet. This will give them the impression you are serious and they will be prompted to do business with you. The bigger the brand presence online the more visibility, the more business you will get.

Once we have taken 5 to 7 spots on Page one in Google for your brand we will then go after low hanging money keywords that have low level of competition in your niche.

This generally takes around 3 to 5 weeks to establish.

Take a look how we have started to dominate Google for our brand. This photo was taken when our business was less than 8 weeks old. We have now begun to target keywords.

I hope this will help you a perspective how we do our work at

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