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Are you a local business in Australia and looking to gain exposure to web traffic by being on the first page of Google?

Watch each of the 6 case study videos below and ,

If this is what you may want then you are in the right place as we can help you.

Check These 6 Case Study Videos Out!

I am going to showcase two local Brisbane businesses below.

One is a T shirt printing business while the other is in the property management space.

I will have short videos covering the following areas that may be of interest to you if you want search engine optimization done for you on your websites.

  •  Brand your business name
  • Get your Google My Business profile optimized to the maximum
  • Dominate video in Google for local searches
  • Dominate image searches
  • Go after low hanging keywords
  • Go after the main money keyword

Take a look  at each video below and if impressed get in touch with me through the online form listed on this page.

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#1. Getting The Brand Name Listed!

The first step in undertaking SEO (search engine optimization) for your local business is to be found for your brand (brand name).

We do this by getting citation sites such as Facebook, etc to have a listing about your business. We are not just talking just FB but rather over 25 highly reputable sites such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo, True Local, HotFrog, Tumblr, etc.

We optimize the content as well as images and videos that go onto these sites. By doing so the back-links pointing back to your site will tell Google your site is relevant and on topic about the service or business niche you are in.

#2. Getting GMB Listing Up!

Google allows local business to have a Google My Business page to showcase the business’s products and services.

You have the opportunity to get products and services listed in categories and have relevant photos and videos in these categories showcasing your business to potential customers.

You also have the opportunity to do regular posts that get to be seen in local search results.

Another area that is often neglected is getting FAQs answered which again get seen in Google.

Most business can get most of this setup. However where they seem to not do so well is to keep the page fresh with new postings of content, photos, answering reviews, etc.

This is where we come in. Consider us your marketing specialist. We cover everything that you may need for your business done in time.

#3. Dominate Video Results!

By creating great quality videos and optimizing the video listings in YouTube you can stand a very good chance that these videos get seen in search results as well.

Most businesses don’t pay attention to video SEO and tend to lose out on a lot of traffic that video can add to the end goal – “acquiring more clients”.

Most business can get most of this setup. However where they seem to not do so well is to keep the page fresh with new postings of content, photos, answering reviews, etc.

Another reason why you should consider us to help you do the SEO for your site or sites.


#4. Dominate Image Results!

Images can play a very big part in your overall strategy. Most businesses do not optimize their images for search results.

Their website does look pretty with various graphics on the site. However seldom do you see the website images appear in search results.

Why is this so? Time!

It does take time to do SEO, especially at the level that gives great results. This is where we do well. We do what most local SEO agencies don’t do. Do those small things that together have great results.

Yet another reason to take us on as your SEO partner today.



#5. Dominate Organic Listing for long tail keywords!

Point #5 and #6 are about keywords.

Here we will talk about Secondary Keywords.

What are secondary keywords? These are words that are associated with the main keyword (#6 below) you are attempting to be searched for.

An example would be “Property Management The Gap” would be the secondary keyword. This is far easier to go after than the primary phrase “Property Management” itself.

Check out how e have been able to do this for multiple suburbs. 

Yet another reason to partner with us.



#6. Dominate Organic Listing for Main keywords!

The main or primary keyword is the hardest to go after. From our experience if we target the low hanging fruit first (secondary keywords) we will eventually get to be seen for the main keywords.

How long will this take? This is something I cannot give you an answer but with consistent work over 12 to 24 months this can happen.

While SEO is being done on the site I recommend that you do either Google Ads and or Facebook Ads.

If you feel comfortable now to get in touch kindly fill in the form by clicking the link below and we can have a talk about what you like us to do for you.


Claude Fullinfaw




Our Services

Here are the various services we offer …

Search Engine Optimization

We specialize in local search engine optimization for websites. We can assist you to get exposure on Page 1 of Google and Bing for your products or service. Please check a case study listed below.

Content Optimization

We help you create great content for your website so it always appear fresh to the search engines and helps with relevancy and organic results.

On & Off Page Optimization

Our on-page strategy is second to non as it makes the content relevant and helps the search engines find what they need to return results that the searchers are looking for.

Video SEO

We help your videos to rank under videos in Google as well as in the Organic main results on Page 1.

Google My Business

We help create and maintain your GMB (Google My Business) listing so you come up for various local searches in your area.

Google Images

An area neglected is images. Do you know you can dominate Google Images on Page 1 too? We help you get this done.

Web Design

We can help you create a website or rebrand and create a new site for your business

Facebook -Google Ads

We can help with creating/manage Facebook and Google Ads for your business.

Chat Bots Creation

We can help setup Chatbots to capture every visitors interaction with your business. Help build you an email list so you can follow up with every enquiry you get.

No Contracts

We do not force you to enter into a contract with us. You will pay monthly upfront for the work to be done. You can stop anytime. All work done up to that time is yours.

Time Frame

Ideally we request that you give us at least 12 months to get results.

Though you will start to see results begin to appear in the first 90 days.

No Hidden Fees

Fized price per month. Our SEO rates start at $990 a month. If you require us to double the time we spend on your business each month it will not be $1980 but just $1500 (plus GST).

What To Consider

As your website starts to get traction we will suggest that we get high DA (domain authority) backlinks pointing to website. This is an additional charge borne by you if you agree.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

How our process works?

First we will have an online discussion. I will need to determine if I can add value to your business first before we can start.

Once we have agreed to what you need we will need access to your website and other web properties to begin work.

At the end of each month we will send you a detailed report of what we have done so you can stay on top of everything.

You can also call us at anytime for assistance. (this is another great point to our service – we are local).

Totally transparent.

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Answers to Your Questions

How much will the SEO cost me?

We work our fees in two price brackets.

BASIC: $1000 allows you to have us work on your business for a minimum of 7 hours a month.

Standard: We give you 16 hours of work per month for only $1,500 instead of the standard $2,000. This is a 25% discount.

You will be invoiced before the beginning of a new month. Payment is via bank transfer or a direct debit arrangement can be setup to suit you.


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can. We will do our best to keep you as a client. However, if for some reason you do have to cancel we will not stop you. Any money paid up to that point will be for work done so cannot be refunded.

Can I meet up with you?

Yes you can. Kindly fill in the contact form below and we will schedule either a ZOOM meeting online.Due to COVID19 we prefer ZOOM meetings for the moment.

How transparent are you?

All our work is done in house and monthly reports in simple to understand language will be sent to you. We shall keep you up to date as to what we have done and plan to do.

You will have total transparency in whatever we do.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No. There are no contracts or hidden fees. You pay each month upfront and can cancel anytime.


Hi, This is Claude who runs this site.

I have been running my own online businesses since 2005 and over the year seen huge success in getting my websites on the first page of Google.

I decided in 2021 to take these skills and help local businesses in Brisbane. So if you feel I can assist you to get more clients over the next 12 months do reach out.

Claude Fullinfaw

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Let's Work Together!

Consider us as an extension to your business. Though we shall work independently we  do all the work required as if we were working in your business.

The only difference is you don’t have all the employee overheads to carry such as: holiday pay, sick leave, super, etc.

And the best thing is you will have an expert working in your team helping to bring more exposure to your business!


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