How does one create great posts that people will love reading and coming back for more?

The question we need to ask ourselves is who actually reads our post? There are two types of audience who come across our post.

  1. The first is Google Bots (search engine spiders) that visit our site every few days to see if we have any new information available that may help Google’s customers. These BOTS will look at your title, your content and your keywords. They will see if its on topic and how relevant you are in your post. Make sure you are on topic. So when someone does search for a service or product that you may be talking about Google knows exactly whom their customer should visit. If you are relevant then you get the visitor.
  2. The SECOND visitor are the real people who visit your website. These local search or global searchers place keywords into the search engines and if your article is on topic to what they are looking for then you get a chance to have them visit your site. Now Google will look at how long they stay on your site and how many pages they visit as well as if they click through to relevant inner pages which contain further information. If everything is positive then Google will start to know that your website is of importance to their clients and shall share your site to more searches in future.

This brings me to the 5 points that may help you to create better SEO.

  • Relevant Keywords – find keywords that people search for around your topic. This will help bring more searches.
  • Good Content – Write your content for both search engines and live searches. I mentioned this above.
  • Readable – Make sure you have allowed the BOTS as well as humans to read your posts. One point is making sure the font size is readable.
  • Relevant Links – Place links to help people who visit your site to find what they need. Also get links from other sites to yours.
  • Measurable – Make sure you keep metrics to measure the sites performance.


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