SEO Services For The Air-Conditioning Trade

The question is who do SEO for air-conditioning business right now!

It’s nearing the end of 2022 as I write this post. And its troubling times in Brisbane Australia. Interest rates are high, fuel prices are up and cost of living is increasing. Advertising on Google and Facebook is becoming very expensive and not as effective as before.

Its probably the best time to invest in your business now and do your best to capture some of the virtual real estate on Google as many companies will begin to slow down their advertising. Instead you as a local business can ramp up your presence and dominate the market. By doing so you not only be getting more business but safe guarding the jobs of your employees and have a steady business when others who decide on a reactive approach will face hardships in the months in 2023.

Why SEO Is Important For Local Air-Conditioning Companies!

Search engine optimisation can help website owners to be seen far better than websites that are not optimised. For example if you are a company located in Geebung, Brisbane,  and run your business in the localities in and around Geebung then you may want to target each of these specific suburbs individually for air-conditioning. And example would be “air con Geebung” or “air con technician near me“. If you have optimised your business for local search the probability of your business ranking is much higher than someone who has not optimised their sites.

What To Focus On When Doing SEO For Your Business in Air-Con!

Here are some key areas you can focus on when thinking of what SEO you must do.

Start with questions. Such as:

  • Ask yourself what are my clients looking for?
  • What issues or problems do my clients face?

Try answering as many questions as you can. Come up with a list of at least 50 questions and keep on adding to this as time goes on. Everytime you get an inquiry add that to the list if it is not on it.

The next area to focus on is reviews. Ask every client for a testimonial f your work or service or product you have given or done for them. Get these reviews up on Google My Business Profile as well as on your website.

Lastly make sure your onsite and off-site SEO is done. This last step is time consuming and very technical. So engage a local SEO expert to help you do that.

Is Google My Business Profile Important In SEO?

Yes the GMB or Google My Business Profile is very important. This must be optimised to attract existing as well as new clients. Once optimised you must frequently add new content as “post’ to this profile. Remember other business do have profiles too. If you want to beat them then you must do a bit more than these other air-con companies.

How Can A Local HVAC Company Dominate Google Easily?

Here are four areas you can dominate. These are:

  1. Rank in the 3 Pack in Google
  2. Rank in Google Maps
  3. Rank in Locality Searches in your area
  4. Lastly rank in organic listings for each suburb

What Two Things Must Every HVAC Business Do Each Week!

The two things every HVAC company must do each week is

  1. Take lots of photos on every job. Post these photos in their GMB listing
  2. Ask every client for a review. If 1 in 3 clients give you a review you are doing very well.

Other resources

If you need help with SEO or website development for your air-conditioning business please do call us. We are here to help you.




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