There are many themes that you can choose from to have your website on. I will list the two I love using below:

  1. DIVI by Elegant Themes
  2. StudioPress Themes

When buying a a theme for your website make your you get a multi purpose theme to build your website on. However, before you do that look for the best blogging platform. A WordPress blogging platform is the best in my opinion as it allows you a lot of flexibility. A self hosted WordPress theme allows you ever more flexibility as you can use all the flexibility and functionalities that come with WordPress.

To build a self hosted WordPress website you will first need to get a domain name. Next you will need to have a hosting provider such as SiteGround or WPEngine.

Once you got your domain and a hosting service learn how to host your domain on your web hosting provider here.

Now that you have done the above steps lets take a look at a few themes that are multi-functional.

I find the StudioPress themes very good as they have a lot of different themes in their theme library to pick from to suit most people’s businesses.

Other theme providers are:

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