What We Require From You Before We Can Start

1. Getting To Know Your Company! As we are genuinely interested in helping you rank your site we first need to get to know you and your company better. This means we must know what your vision is, your mission, what your product line is and how they benefit your customers, who your customers are and their demographics. We also would like to know who your potentials clients maybe.

Lastly, we want to get a feel of your industry, and the competition you are up against. The main players within the competition. To make this process easier for us, we have created an online application process to simply this.

Click here to fill that in. Once you have filled in the Discovery Form we will conduct a two-way interview. This information will hugely help us assist you to reach more potential customers.

2.  About Us! Next, I like you to go over the testimonials and check out what other people are saying about our company and our professionalism. See how easy it is for our clients to work with us. Click Here!

3. Your SEO Audit! We will provide a SEO search audit if we feel you want to go ahead with the job. For the SEO audit, we will need some temporary permissions to access your  Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Conduct A Two-Way Interview:

   Once we get your application we will have a short 45 min interview to see if we can take you on as our client. During the discussion, we will see what other advertising if any you are currently doing. What social media promotions you do and what your competition is up to.

We will discuss how well your competition is performing and what we can learn from what they do well.

Finally what steps must we implement to beat them? We cannot beat them unless we know what they are doing. This will be highlighted in our SEO Audit.

I hope you are getting the picture!

Structure Of The Technical & Search Audit!

  1. The issue with your site
  2. Our suggested improvements we recommend
  3. The cost estimate for your consideration
  4. What the positive business impact of these changes will mean to you.
  5. We will show you how better ranking improvements that help potentially bring more business into the company
  6. How to iterate and improve on implementation as well as how to experiment with other options in case what is being done is not working out well enough. In other words a backup plan.

The Technically Audit!

We will first review your site for a number of things

  1. The internal linking within the site’s pages,
  2. Crawlability of the site,
  3. URL parameters,
  4. Server connectivity upload speeds to reduce bounce rates,
  5. Response codes

What We Deliver In The Search Audit!

Branded – We will see how many search queries come from branded terms such as your website name or products. We will help your customers who know your brand or website to easily find the information they seek and potentially convert. This is our primary focus. From the time a searcher sees your local search results to ultimately what they see on your website we want that experience to flow smoothly for good customer experience. This is what we will look at.

Unbranded – How many general keyword queries are being searched for in your category. What queries are worth going after and what daily and monthly traffic to expect if you were in the top 10 in Google. In fact, we want to be in the top 5 or better still in the #1 spot in Google. This ultimately depends on how strong your competition really is. What does the online landscape look like? What your competition has been doing regarding this and the reasons why the competition is doing better? (watch the video below around the 9.25-minute mark to see what Maile from Google says is the right way)

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Examples Of Branding Your Site!

SEO services Queensland
Local SEO Agency BrisbaneI run an SEO Consultancy business here in the UK and would like to say a few good words about Claude. I have been associated with Claude Fullinfaw in an elite SEO mastermind group where we share ideas on the latest SEO strategies and how best we can help our clients globally. I find him to be very understanding, approachable and knowledgeable in his field. I have found that as consultants, these attributes are very important in building client confidence and helping clients get their objectives met. I would like to endorse his services to anyone who is looking for an SEO professional who can deliver the best there is in this complex field of ranking sites on Google. Contact him today. Aurore Jones
Local Search Engine Optimization Services BrisbaneClaude is the consummate professional who will get your company ranking. Nothing gets in his way and he always has a smile on his face. Steve Morgan, Real Estate