I am a local SEO specialist in Brisbane. My job is to break the myth that SEO doesn’t work and help business owners realize that if they are not on Page 1 on Google then they are losing a lot of money every day to the competition. Call 0422-442-029 to be on Page 1 instead of Page 2 or 3. It means you don’t have to have 20 or 30 businesses ahead of you.

Best Brisbane Local SEO For Website Organic ListingsReally speaking there is no secret where SEO marketing is concerned. Let’s break this myth now and get you closer to realizing how important local SEO is for business today.

Now, best SEO is not something you can rush. Firstly, You must do the right SEO strategies on your site and then leave your site pages alone for your SEO work to take effect. If you start to panic that your site is not ranking after a few days or weeks and start unnecessarily tweaking keywords and links, your site will get penalized by Google. Top SEO experts understand that it takes time for best rankings and they educate their clients that patience is the key here in SEO. Good SEO is about keeping the websites fresh with relevant, effective content that local search may find useful.

The focus for a site owner must be to dwell on providing great content to the end user, the Google searcher. If you provide the right information is an orderly way there is no reason why people won’t find you on the internet. What you do from that point on with the potential client is your business. An SEO expert is the “Bridge” to get those clients to you. Once they come to you then it’s your job to close them and keep the profits.

What are some of these SEO Techniques?

1. Good Content based on specific keywords
2. Internal linking strategies linking to the main page as well as inner pages.
3. Using proper ALT Tags.
4. Using the right amount of keywords per page.
5. Doing off-page SEO to add power to your site

These are some of the things we do. However, there is much more what we do to a site over a 8 to 10 month period. Fill in the Discovery Form on our website and let us see if we can help you too.

Now our aim is to rank your business site high in Google within a 8 to 10 months. Once we do that we will get you off our books so that you never have to pay for SEO again. All we ask you to do is refer 3 businesses you may know who can also benefit from our SEO expertise. I feel this is a very good way for us to work together as its a win-win for you as our client as well as our business also grows with good referrals. It’s a recipe for success all round.

Just imagine getting absolutely free traffic to your business website in 10 months and not paying anything for it.

That is what we as the top SEO expert in Brisbane can do for you.

Check us out as you will not be sorry.

Claude Fullinfaw

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