This Is The Best Time To Think Digital Think Global!

Why is it the best time to think digital?

Today more so than ever before it is important to to consider going online. The main reason is right now shops have closed their doors due to the COVID19 situation in Australia and global. With no access to foot traffic companies like KMART are seeing huge increases of sales each day. I have heard that they now get over a 1000 online orders per store each day. Australia Post is struggling to keep up with the parcels they need to deliver. I heard a TV channel just last week mention that daily they move 1.4 million parcels in Australia a day. This is a staggering amount.

So if you are in a traditional business right now what do you do?

Do you struggle, shut up shop or restructure your whole business immediately and start thinking digital?

How can you transition part of your business or a major part onto the internet as soon as possible? Because if you don’t the possibility is you will find it hard to survive in this climate.

Businesses are transitioning more now than ever to an online presence. About a month ago I thought how would local business fair with the lock-down due to COVID-19. Interestingly more and more businesses from restaurants, takeaways, food trucks, Cheese Cake Shop and so many other businesses that normally would never think of home delivery have now made the leap towards digital presence online.

They are doing this via online apps provided by UBER Eats, Diliveroo, etc. What is interesting is upmarket restaurants have jumped into this space of home delivery.

Most business will need to create an online presence if they have not done so already. Have a web presence is very important with creating sites on WordPress which is a blogging platform. What is good about having  a web presence is you can take your business outside your suburb immediately without any additional costs.

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Having a fast web-hosting is another aspect businesses need to focus on.

At WP Engine web hosting they help customers move quickly with WordPress every day, and are there to support and help you spin up whatever site you need, fast, as you work to re-imagine your business in a more digital way.

If I have convinced you to think globally then here are some key points to remember moving forward.

Think of what you would need to get online. I will cover a few points here that will help you to get among those local businesses that have already an online presence.

What Do Local Business Need To Get Online!

Here are a few points to remember:

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