How SEO Can Help Me?

In this case study here we focus on optmizing our site for the search term seo agency Brisbane. But what is most interesting is by adding the word local in from of the search term this will pull the business up in the SERPS in organic listings as well as in the Map 3 Packs as you see here.

So imagine if you are a dentist or plumber and you search for “plumber paddington”. The chances are you may come up in the search of the Map area. However the chances are you may not.

If you post regularly tips around plumbing and what people look for in the plumbing niche for help, you will see your website will start to come up for more and more listings as you see how mine has over time.

By posting in Google My Business listing everyday different tips you can see ranking improve too. Use the words local and possibily your suburb abd city in the text descrition of the post. Another bit of text you can use is “…near me”. For example add the line “if you are looking for a plumber near me” in the paddington area of Brisbane then please msg me on (your cell number).

I hope these tips help you.

If you need assistance do call or email us.

PS: Here is an example of my SEO Brisbane work done 24 months ago. Imagine if you could have these results too. More Info!

Claude Fullinfaw

Founder and CEO,

Cloud SEO Marketing