This is Case Study #5 of “SEO Brisbane” projects I am doing right now. I am wanting to help the local business contractors in Brisbane to get more potential calls to their businesses so they can earn more income. I have chosen plumbing industry however this can also be done for electricians, dentist or chiropractors. Any local business in Brisbane I can assist with quality SEO Brisbane work.

With quality effective work through search engine optimization or SEO I can help people find you when they search forĀ  “plumber near me” in “stafford heights” or “chermside plumber” or “Brisbane city”. Give me a call for affordable seo Brisbane quotes.

What is the purpose of this case study?

The purpose of showing this study is to show local Brisbane based businesses in Queensland that lowering Google Ad spend is possible with quality SEO work done. I want to show case here how I am getting results thats very effective is reducing your advertising budget over a 12 month period. However from my case studies I have seen results as early as 1 to 4 weeks. I can definitely beat your business competition hands on. If you want a few extra calls each week lets do it with Brisbane SEO optimization for your websites.

What did I do in this study?

In the study here I focus on just a few SEO parameters. These are:

  • I researched the niche I am working in looking for less competitive keywords that hid behind a more competitive keyword phrase. Once I had my main keyword phrse and its secondary keywork phrase I do point #2 below.
  • I then make the main keyword phrase my category. I write a small article for this page. I do strategical interbal link building to main pages or postĀ  that I want this page to be connect with. Its all about relavance. Then I go to point #3 below.
  • I then daily post a 300 to 600 article taht may have video links to my work done or a photo of work I want to show case.
  • Lastly I write a small 1500 word article and post it with either a video or photo to Google My Business page that my SEO Brisbane company has on the internet.

What am I achieving so far in this case study?

I am finding that with 24 hours I am getting results on page 1 on Google SERPS. With a few more quality posts around this topic of local plumbers near me I can get these posts in the top 5 possibly top 3 with 30 to 60 days.

Imagine getting 1000 people search for plumber near me … in Chermiside on Brisbane north and you come up in the top 3 in the local listings on Google. What is only you get 100 searchers actually click through to your site. Thats an extra 100 people a month. But wait a minute they are not yet paying customers. They just came to your website.

Imagine from these 100 people just 15% called you. Thats 15 new leads this month taht you can quote for. Imagine if you get 3 to 5 of these as new clients – paying customers on top of whatever advertising you do. You may be locally attending the local BNI or Chamber of Commerce near you? Or you may be paying $1000 to $5000 a month on Google Ads. What if we can get an additional 5 to 15 new customers a month. It possibly be 1 a day. Thats 30 new customers a month. If your net profit per customer is say $150 in teh plumbing trade thats an additional $4500 a month. Is it worth doing SEO? It certainly is.

What do I hope to achieve in the weeks to come in the plumbing niche?

I can see this work on the pluming niche bring me good rankings for plumbers in Brisbane. I am looking for just one plumber per suburb in Brisbane to assist to rank then in the SERPS as well as Google Maps.

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