Case Study 5 | Over 59% increase in 7 months new users

This is a case study based on work I did for a client on the Gold Coast in the Pest Control niche.

Is Doing Local SEO Worth It!

Background of this job!

I was referred to this client through a BNI (Business Network International) member in my chapter here in Brisbane.

Let me give you some background about this client. They are in the Termite and Pest control niche, having businesses on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Gladstone. They wanted to get more visibility organically and Google Adwords in 2023 was a bit to expensive for them back then.

Before The Client Came To Me!

This business had been operating in Queensland for quite a few years. Their website looked professional facing the public on the internet. However from a local search point of view had not been setup for any sort of visibility for local search. Prior to being handed over the job to do their SEO – I had a deep look into the following areas that must be done to get any sort of visibility on the internet.

What The Client Website Looked Like Prior To Starting

  1. I looked at their Page titles and description.
  2. I then looked at ALT tags for images and these were missing ALT descriptions
  3. Site map was missing
  4. Internal linking had not been done
  5. Schema markup code for the site was not done. Nor was individual page schema done
  6. Citations were not done
  7. The YouTube Channel was not optimised. No links were in descriptions and titles and descriptions were not correct.
  8. Google My Business Profile was not optimised and no posts were being done at all.

The results below were for the cooler months were pest infestations then to drop a bit. Please not warmer months then to bring in more potential business. I bring up this point here as I will be referring back to August figures later in this case study when I compare April 2004 figures to August 2003 as both are in the cooler month category.

Google G4 Data Analysis!

Before the client came to me these were the G4 Analytic results

In August 2023 we see from the graph above the following data:

New Users were 516 in August 2023.

The contact form was clicked 55 times in August 2023.

Phone calls made by clicking the phone number on website was 22 in August 2023.

Client’s expectations regarding results from SEO

The client wanted to get at least 60 new leads a month for their investment towards SEO.

So in other words they would want the total of website calls plus email submission through the contact form to collectively increase by 60. Currently in August we these to be a total of 77 (55 contact form submission , 22 phone calls)

These figures and expectations were addressed by a client-agent ZOOM call in August 2023 and work started in September 2023.

After Starting SEO Work In September 2023!

What Did I Do First When I started The Job!

The first task I undertook was optimising the GMB (Google My Business) profile for this client.

Here I worked on:

  • Updating the meta data in the profile. Such as description, dating date, operating hours, social links, suburbs being targeting, etc.
  • Uploading GEO optimised photos to the profile
  • Uploading FAQs to the profile
  • Adding services and products to the profile with their own descriptions
  • Addressing reviews that were not answered and teaching the client how to ask for reviews and answer reviews when they were received
  • Setting up a schedule to get posts onto the profile 5 times week. These addressed questions people as well as took into consideration the seasonality of pests year round.

The results are discussed in more depth further down this case study.

SEO Work From October 2023 – What was done!

When I began this job in October of 2023 I focused on all the task that had to be completed first before I began back linking strategies and article writing to create influence on Google.

In the first 60 days I completed the following:

  1. Checked page and post titles and descriptions and edited those that needed attention.
  2. ALT tags for images were added as most were missing. Descriptions to images were added as well
  3. Site map was missing. I added this using Rank Math
  4. Internal linking was setup using Link Whisper a tool I use to effectively connect relevant content pages together
  5. Organization Schema markup code for the site was added to the main page. In addition article Schema code was added to locality and service pages. The code was written and I did not use a generic app such as Yoast SEO. Though Yoast is very good I find I don’t have the ability to add more data through this plugin app.
  6. Citations were setup with information on NAP (Name Address and Phone) of the business, Website URL, Photos, YouTube, Facebook channel URLS were added, Google Business Profile Map was added and a detail description of the business was added to each citation. This is no ordinary citation as most companies may offer. Please note most SEO agencies will only add name, address and phone to their citations. Sometimes a URL maybe added. The web directories through us is very thorough and effective. We also get the citation links indexed in Google so they can be found independently.

Towards the end of two months (During November 2023) I begun adding high DA (domain authority) backlinks to the website and individual pages.

Lets fast forward to December 2023 which is the high of the pest control season. We will look at two months – December and January to see how the business performed.


SEO Results December 2023 | Organic Traffic

Comparing December to that of August Results!

Comparing August result to December we see a significant increase in new users, contact page submissions and phone calls in just 4 months.

New users increased from 516 to 1K users in December. This is a 89.75% increase on the August 2023 figure of 516.

Contact form submissions increased to 78 in December from 55 in August seen. This is a 41.82% increase.

Phone calls rose to 36 in December as compared to 22 in August. This is a 63.6% increase.

Pretty good results in just 120 days.

How Did We Do With Client Expectations!

Lets see how we performed according to the client expectations set at 50 new potential clients target set.

In August the total of calls and form submissions were 77.

At the end of December 2023 the potential leads had risen to 114 in total. or an increase of 37 new leads a month.

If you read down this case study and look at the calls that came via the Google Profile in August and compared to the figure in December you will see that calls went from 17 to 30 in that time frame. This is an additional 13 new leads.

Lets add this 13 (GMB leads) to the figure of 114 (leads from the website only) and we get a new total of 127.

So in reality our leads increased from 77 to 127 or a difference of 50 new leads a month.

We had met the client expectations in just 4 shorts.

What Potential ROI Did The Client Receive!

Lets see how much revenue potentially that this client could have made if they converted all leads into paying customers.

At $300 a pest inspection this would work out to be an additional $15,000 a month extra revenue.

PS: this is based on what our efforts bring in new leads could make for the client.

SEO Results January 2024 | Organic Traffic

I have added January figures in as well as January tend to be a bigger month in pest enquiries as the weather in Queensland is hotter leading to more pest infestations.

Lets look at Jan and see what traffic looks like

Comparing January 2024 Figures to that of August 2023

New Users Increased!

January figures went from 516 in August to 1.4K in Jan. This is a whopping 163.37% increase since we started in August. Remember that December was only an 89.75% increase.

Contact form submissions!

Contact form went from 55 in August to 104 in January. or 89.09% growth on August. December growth was only 41.82%. More than doubled the month previous.

Calls made to business!

Calls jumped from 22 in August to 51 in January or an 131.82% increase. December increase was only 63.6% growth.

We did very well in January.

But remember January is normally considered a busy month for pest control companies in Australia.

SEO Results April 2024 | Organic Traffic

It is only fair for us to compare the slower months against each other and see if we performed well.

So lets see how we did in April 2024 first.

Comparing April 2024 Figures to that of August 2023

New Users Increased!

April figures went from 516 in August to 1,105 in April resulting in an increase of 59.09% growth. If we look at December figures we are slightly higher in April. This is promising as the traffic is growing even in the cooler months as compared to a warmer month as December. Though its still lower than the highest month in January.

Contact form submissions!

Contact form went from 55 in August to 60 in April, a slight growth of 9.09%.  Lower than December.

Calls made to business!

Calls jumped from 22 in August to 35 in April or an 131.82% increase. Same as December as it was 36.

ROI Seen in April | Did we meet client expectations

We are aware now that the base line to beat is 77 which was the total of form submissions and calls made in August.

Lets calculate how many leads we got from the website as well as Calls from the GMB listing and compared that to August figures.

Leads from website in April are: 60 (form submissions) + 35 (call) = 95 leads

Leads from calls from GMB profile in April are: 38

Total leads for April: 133

The client wanted 50 leads a month extra on top of what she had in August. We had met this even in the quieter months.

Please remember its only 7 months since we started with this client.

As our work grows over the months these figures will grow as well.

SEO is a slow burn process and certainly can give great results if clients are patient to allow the process to work.

Summarising SEO Work Done!

Since September of 2023 when I first began with this client I completed all the tasks I listed above that were not done on the site. These were

  • Completing all the Titles, meta descriptions, ALT tags for all pages and post on the site
  • Completing the internal linking structure between service and locality pages
  • Making sure the FAQ pages were up to date with relevant questions answering the public queries.
  • Creating and installing Schema Markup code on the main page as well as service pages and locality pages
  • YouTube Videos. Titles, descriptions, tags edited. Internal linking of videos
  • External Linking. Getting proper anchor text in links pointing back to webpages from external sites
  • Citations. Mentions on web directories
  • Creating blog post on topics of interest that answer the public’s queries.

Its important that all the above areas and done correctly for results to happen

Local Search | Goggle My Business Profile

More than 70% of local searches come from Google Map Packs.

In the GMB snapshot below we see that interactions in April 2024 were 670 as compared to 470 in August of 2023. This is an increase of 40.23%.


Below we see overall interactions grew 52.94% in September to January period.

Fast forward to January we see interactions went from 85 in August to 130 in January 2024. A 52.94% increase of growth.


During the same period GMB calls jumped from 15 calls in August to 30 calls to the business in January of 2024. This is a 100% increase.

GMB website clicks went up 57.14% in January.


April 2024 | GMB Interactions increased to 49.41%

Interactions with GMB rose to 127 in April as compared to 85 in August the previous year.

I would put this down to our weekly posts done five times a week.


April 2024 | GMB Calls Increased by 153.33% since August


April 2024 | Website clicks increased by 57.14%



Looking to get more local traffic such as this client then please reach out to us.

Claude Fullinfaw






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