Case Study 6 | Dominating Google Organic Search

Local Search Results In Brisbane For Termite Company!

In September 2023 I was given a referral to a termite company in Brisbane. The owner wanted to get more visibility in organic search as well as in Google Maps.

I had a look at what was happening in the SERPS and the business was not visible clearly on Page 1 for a number of terms the business owner was chasing. My job was to make this happen. I had the odds stacked against me as the previous SEO professional handling the account did not do a lot for the business and the owner felt possibly I would follow the same route the other SEO agency did.

What Were Organic Traffic Data Prior To Taking Over!

As you can see below the traffic was between 25 visitors to 50 visitors a day. It shows that only on 7 days did the numbers go over eight visitors a day. The remaining 22 days it was hovering between 25 and 40.

Total visitors for the month of September was 1,134.

Contact form submissions were 73.

Phone calls from website were just 5.


Like every one of the businesses I work with I noticed that the website was missing key technical and on-page SEO.

Lets list these down for you to know what possibly your business site may be lacking too. I am making this bold assumption as most sites miss these elements. Lets see…

  • Meta descriptions needs to be on topic of what the webpage was all about
  • Excerpts were missing on all pages. I tend to fill in every bit of space that allows me to add data to. This has helped propel my clients clients more often that not quicker up the SERPS. Provided that technical SEO is all correct such as fast loading speeds, right image sizes
  • Other aspects of technical SEO I looked at was: crawability (XML sitemaps, robots.txt, indexability (meta tags, canonical tags), URL structure (clean URLS, redirects), Structured data or schema markup, HTTPS Protocol, Error handling (404 pages and server errors), Internal linking (link structure) and log file analysis or crawl behavior to identify how search engines crawl the website and identify any issues.

Once this was done I then started with a content creation plan to help boost the authority of the website.

Where did I get my content from!

The best place to formulate content plans is to look at what people inquire about on the internet.

The best place to get your content ideas is to write on ‘People Also Ask’ or PAA questions. You can literally gather 100’s of content ideas and group them into clusters to get very authoritative in your niche. It will take some effort but you will see your website start to slowly gain traction in the SERP results.

The purpose of writing on PAA questions is to show Google you are providing useful content to help Google’s clients to find relevant information they need. These PAAs do not necessarily get a lot of traffic however collectively they can get your website a sizable amount of traffic. It will take some effort but you will see your website start to slowly gain traction in the SERP results.

Four Months After Starting The SEO Job! 80% growth

From the snapshot below we see that calls increased for this business by 80% or 9 calls a month. Remember in September it was just 5 calls a month.

Leads generated from the contact page were 20 as compared to 9 in September or a 122.22% increase.

Over all first time users moved slightly from 1,134 in September to 1,197. Not a lot but still promising!


Fast Forward Another 3 Months to April 2024! 140% growth

Until now I have been doing the PAA answer each month, adding relevant backlinks and creating backlink stacking structure to help create a spider web of links pointing to the website.

The work began to pay of when organic traffic moved passed the 40 lows a day to reach twice highs of 100 plus visitors a day. This happened twice in April and the resulting first time users were 2,101 for April.

Comparing April 2024 to September 2023

If we were to compare April figures to September we see the following comparisons:

Generated leads up 266.67%. Increased from 9 in September to 33 in April.

Phone calls went from 5 in September 2023 to 12 in April. A 140% increase. This data is gathered from potential leads clicking the phone number on website. Lets not forget many people will type the number directly into their phones and call as well. Plus calls coming from the Google profile is on top of this. Pretty good results in 7 months!

PS: The business owner rang me to say thank you for getting their business so many leads.



If you run a business, need more work and believe that optimising your website is important then its advisable to reach out and see what I can do your business business too.

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