Press Releases | What Are The Cost To Send Out A Press Release

How To Get Local Visibility With Content Coverage

Looking at getting a press release out to boost your local rankings on the internet? According to GetTheWordOut it is approximately $200 AUD to do just one press release out. If you are looking at USAToday the costs are from $300 USD for just one press release. Imagine if you were to want to do…

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Cost To Get An Article Written

Learn how to do SEO for a local business

You can get articles written professional for you through online websites that have market places where writers may be found. You are looking at least $200 to $300 or more in AUD to get a 1000 word article written! Some of the websites to look for writers are:   If you looking…

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Is Creating Content Hard?

Leran how we rank our client sites with high quality content distribution

Content marketing is not hard. However one needs to have the resources at hand to do so. You really need access to a bit of time, creativity and the ability to write consistent fresh on topic content to get people to notice you online. Most people have one or the other. They have time but…

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How To Get More Visibility On The Net | Content Marketing

Get more leads for your roofiing business website in Brisbane

Every business needs visibility to get attention to the services and products they sell. Most business owners know this and apply either a regular or irregular approach to getting content out on the net. By irregular I mean they post content whenever they feel like. They don’t have a content marketing monthly planner. The most…

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