Content Management

Fresh content created to boost your business presence on the net

Having a beautiful website done is fantastic.

However, is your site VISIBLE?

Iif you are not getting any website visitors to your site then you won't get prospects calling you for your HVAC services.

The Lazy Costly Way!

There is the lazy way out of this and that is to run Google Ads to your site everyday. This can work out to well over $2 to $200 a click and before you know it you have an AD spend in the 1000's each and every month.

Yes you do get calls immediately, however the moment you stop the ADS the calls stop.

Is there a better way?

The Better Way!

The better way is to create fresh content and then get it published each day or week to publication news sites all over the internet. These are high authority/ high traffic sites that give send you tons of organic traffic each month.

But the question I get from all my clients is..

  • They are too busy, and
  • They have no clue how to do it

The answer is to get us to do this for you.

We create the relevant content specifically targeting the audience you want and this unique news content gets published on news sites, blogs, video sites, slides share sites each and every week all over the net.

Check out our case studies here for proof...

Call us today to get the best Content Creation and Publication service from the leading Marketing Agency: +61- (0)422-442-029 in Brisbane.

Get proper visbility on the net with content publication

Content Creation Specifically For You

The first step we undertake is to discuss with you what keywords you wish to target to attract potential customers looking for your services.

We then look at what the competition is also targeting and then our professional writers begin writing news worthy content for you. This content is then published on websites such as : NBC, USAToday, Yahoo News, Google News, high quality blog sites, YouTube, Vimeo and many others. Over 350 sites you will get coverage on.

We send you a snapshot report each month detailing what your business traffic looks like and how you are progressing.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident we can help you rank in 90 days that we will give you a 90 day guarantee that  if you don't see results: Your website on Page 1 for Google for the keywords targeted. Or

We will give you an extra month free at no extra charge.

We do this confidently because we know our content and distribution service works. And our prices are affordable as no other content marketing and distribution company comes even near to what we can offer and deliver.

Book a 15 minute call to discuss this. ~ Claude

HVAC and Electrical Contractors

Content Creation

If you were to hire a content writer the cost can begin from $500 upwards just for one article for one site only.

Here we offer you unique high quality article writing for News sites, Blog post, Pod Cast, Slideshares, Info Graphics and Video creation. And for a fraction of the cost that most article writing agencies charge.

Roofing Websites

Content Distribution

Imagine the cost to publish on USAToday? This will be at least $600 USD an article. Not mentioning the time & money it takes to create the content.

Again we do this for a fraction of the cost it normally is.

Air-conditioning Business websites

Not Having The Lifestyle You Want?

If you are working too hard in the business then you need to make more money so you can pay staff to take over your workload.We help you do that by positioning you are the go-to business on the internet with the right exposure.

All done with consistent, regular content publications.