Cost To Get An Article Written

You can get articles written professional for you through online websites that have market places where writers may be found.

You are looking at least $200 to $300 or more in AUD to get a 1000 word article written!

Some of the websites to look for writers are:


If you looking for a top quality content writer you can expect to pay around $200 USD per article.

What if you want to write for News sites, Blog posts, create videos, slide-share and podcast?

The cost will be at least 5 times more. This is around $1000 USD or $1500 AUD.

But we have forgotten a major aspect to this and that is the research you will need to do to come up with what topic and keywords for the article writer to focus on.


This alone takes a few hours of work to get done.

Do you have the time to do this?

And then there is the distribution cost to get the content out.


So how much does it cost to get content distributed?

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