Dominate Organic Listing for Main keywords!

The main or primary keyword is the hardest to go after. From our experience if we target the low hanging fruit first (secondary keywords) we will eventually get to be seen for the main keywords.

How long will this take?

This is something I cannot give you an answer but with consistent work over 12 to 24 months this can happen.

In the example below it took us 11 months to achieve this. Help this property management group to rank #1 for the term “property managers”

Would you like us to do thsi for you too in Brisbane …


While SEO is being done on the site I recommend that you do either Google Ads and or Facebook Ads.

If you feel comfortable now to get in touch kindly fill in the form by clicking the link above via the contact page and we can have a talk about what you like us to do for you.


Claude Fullinfaw

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