Everything You Should Know About Domains

I have created everything a small to medium business would need to know on how to get your search engine marketing for your website done.

I will cover everything from finding a domain, getting it register, hosting a website and then doing the SEO on the site.

So lets start with how on domains first.

Here is a complete list of everything you should know on how to get your domain, where to register it and how to maintain the domain.

  1. How to Find a Domain
  2. Where To Register a Domain
  3. How to Setup your domain in GoDaddy after purchasing
  4. How to navigate your GoDaddy Membership area Part 1
  5. How to navigate GoDaddy Membership area Part 2
  6. How to manage DNS servers
  7. How to point a domain from GoDaddy servers to SiteGround
  8. What are SSL certificates
  9. How to setup a Free SSL certificate on SiteGround

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