What Is The Main Use Of Chatbots

The main use to have a Chat Bot installed on your website is to reduce the time taken to answer FAQs from your clients. This is two fold here as the client also benefits from getting answers to their inquiries immediately instead of waiting for a callback a few hours later.

Most business have either a phone number and a contact form on their site. This is great, however its not as effective especially when a customer wants a simple answer ASAP. If the local or national business doesn’t provide the answer immediately the potential buyer will find someone else to help them.

For businesses its quite expensive to get someone to your doorstep (website) of your business only to have them leave because they have not received information immediately.

The reason why the inquiry was not answered maybe:

  • The call came after hours, or
  • The receptionist was busy with another phone call, or
  • The visitor had to fill in a form to get someone to call them back

Is there a shirt cut to this…

To save money and time for the business and potentially increase profits too. While acquiring more clients.

The answer is Chat Bots!

Chat Bot Benefits To Customers

I have installed a chat bot for a T shirt business and every customer that inquires gets answers immediately. By the time the customer has interacted with the potential web visitor he has obtained enough information through the BOT to be able to reach out to the customer and help them further. This process helps him to retain more visitors and convert them into buyers on his site.

Here are some key benefits relating to Chat Bots and customers:

  1. Every inquiry gets picked up immediately
  2. Most questions are answered in real time
  3. The visitor knows that someone will get back as the BOT informs them immediately after getting their email and phone number
  4. The visitor can even make a calendar booking with the BOT’s help to have a sales consultant to help them later.

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