As more and more websites seem to accept that Chat bots play an important part in business in giving customers quicker answers, how do chats bots help customers is the question.

Benefits Of Chat Bots For Consumers

Here are a few great benefits that help potential website visitors get better service from a business.

  • Chat Bots help to give customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These bots (a software program that sits in the cloud and answers FAQs for the business.
  • The business owners do not have to pay the BOT to turn up. As this is a software program the BOTS work effortlessly and the company saves money and time each week.
  • The use of a BOT helps to reduce the human interaction with a customer. If the BOT is programmed well and does it task seamlessly without confusing the client the experience is wonderful. However at some point during the inquiry into the sales process I personally like to see a human interact with my clients to take that service to another help. In other words don’t try to automate the customer service 100%. Give the potential website visitors the option to connect if they should chose to.
  • A BOT can do away with tedious and time consuming tasks such as asking frequently asked questions everyday. This can save the business time in putting on extra staff and in turn money in wages, superannuation, holiday and sick pay.
  • Bots can help create a seamless and smooth customer experience by offering services or products to the client and take them on a journey quickly to get answers to their inquiry faster.
  • Consumers get upset when they visit a website or a local business venue and cannot get their inquiries answered ASAP. This leads to consumer stress and in turn make consumers not come back. BOTS help to reduce this stress as they are available to help your clients get to what they want immediately.
  • BOTS do away with the old fashion answering systems (voice response systems). Potential buyers do not have to call a number to lead a message now to have a human call back just to answer simple questions any more. The BOT can even take booking for you if need be.
  • You can program the BOT to almost ask as a human and most consumers are now happy to talk or interact with BOTS as long as the experience is smooth.
  • BOTS make your marketing more targeted. You can steer customers to buy items that may be on special, etc.
  • I love this point where BOTS can help grow your business. As you are now aware that BOTS answer every inquiry. They can even go a step further by creating multiple customer list for you. As we are aware that the money in any business is in the client list you have – BOTS help to create these lists for you. You can now create two lists – One in Facebook Messenger and at the same time create an email list.

I hope these points above help you as the business owner decide to implement BOTS in your business too. Why not test drive the BOT on this website or look at the examples I have listed on the website to educate you.

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