Chat Bots help local business in a number of ways. Having a Chat Bot in your business can save you money on keep a staff member just to answer frequently asked question. What is surprising is that the chat bot will work for you 24/7 and not complain.

While you sleep potential customers can ask questions and when you get up you either have their numbers to call or your emails has followed up with an answer to their question. No need to pay salaries, holiday pay or sickness benefits to employees any more for these tasks.

Its not that local business want to sack staff. By getting a well programmed chat bot you can free up your key employees’ time to deal with more urgent or money generating work.

Some key points worth thinking about:

  • Its frees up the time involved to answer commonly asked questions,
  • Chat Bots allows the business owners to be able to do important tasks in the business such as quotes, on job tasks and maybe talking to clients who need complex questions asked, and
  • Most importantly BOTS helps visitors to your business (website) to get FAQs answered immediately.

Some of the commonly asked questions may be around:

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your email?
  3. Would you like to make an chiropractic appointment?
  4. Would you like to make a restaurant booking?
  5. Would you like to see the menu?
  6. Would you like to see the restaurant specials for this week?
  7. Would you like to cancel your appointment with the doctor?
  8. Would you like to reschedule your booking?
  9. Do you do work at the weekends?
  10. Do you print T-shirts at weekends?
  11. Are you looking for a new pair of shoes?
  12. Are you looking to purchase a home?
  13. Is it a unit of a house you want to live in?
  14. Are you planning to build in next 6 months?
  15. Are you looking to rent?
  16. Pick a suburb from the list provided
  17. Would you like an agent to call you?
  18. What time is best to call?

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