How Do I Create A Local Google My Business Listing?

The setup process is simple. Follow the steps below

  • Logon to your google account with your GMAIL and password.
  • Next to the top right of the screen look for the small grey square with small squares in it. Its near your profile photo. Clcik on that.
  • Then click on the the small blue icon that says My Business.
  • After that you will need to check to see if your business is alread taken, if it is then write to the people who created it and request it to be transfer to you. If you dont have a listing Google will prompt you to set one up.
  • After you given your listing its name ask for it to be verified.
  • While verification is taking place you can upload photos and fill in all incomplete field. Just make sure you complete everything GOOGLE asks or else your site will not be fully optimize.

How Does The Google My Business Work?

In todays world SEO of search engine optimization though it still works we have found that for local listings the GMB listings (Google My Business) are playing a big part for people to find businesses and services they need. (Helpful ideas on optimizing web content)

People are either typing in the Google search bar for what they want or better still simply inserting the search term in Google Maps. And bingo your listing appears. If you done everything right you stand a bigger chance to be seen in the 3 Pack Map Listings.

Just make sure you do the following:

  1. Post regularly, preferably daily
  2. Post helpful tips related to your business
  3. Add keywords in your post

The secret is consistent updates on Google.

Is The Google Business Listing Free?

Yes its free. All you need to do is some sweat equity or get us to help you.

Does Google Charge For Business Listings?

No they don’t charge for listing your business on the Maps in Google. However it may pay dividents if you get a Google Strategist to assist you optimize your listing. He will know what to do. If you don’t have someone to work with call us..

What Are The Benefits Of Google My Business Listings?

These are the benefits of a Google My Business page.

  • You get a free listing in the Maps
  • You can get more visibility in the 3 Packs Map Listing for free
  • The 3 pack Map listing can pull in your posts from the daily posting you do in your account.
  • And its all free.

What I love about The Google Business Listing is that you are just below the Paid Ads section in Google. The next best thing is small snippets of latest news related to that search is pulled up into the listing to add more weight and visibility to your viewers. The last thing I have found is most often the high GMB listing can help organic ranking too for your main website.

In case you are finding it hard to organise all this be free to ask us to help you. We can take that worry off you and help you get more visibility as well as more leads for your business. Just one customer will pay for our service. The rest is cream for you.

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