How do search engine algorithms work?

Help search engines to find youSearch engine algorithms are complex mathematical equations that take into account a variety of factors to deliver relevant results. Crawlers scan web pages and index them based on keywords and phrases, as well as other elements such as title tags and URLs.

When a user enters their query, the search engine uses an algorithm to match their intent with the most relevant pages in its database. The algorithm takes into account many factors such as

  • relevance,
  • quality,
  • location and
  • authority to determine the ranking order.

Search engines also consider user behavior when ranking pages:

  • click-through rate,
  • bounce rates/marketing funnels and
  • time on site


All of above play a role in determining which sites rise to the top of the rankings.

However, search engine algorithms are always evolving. They go through continuous updates that can change how websites are ranked. Therefore, it’s important to regularly update your website content and maintain good optimization practices so that you can perform well over time.

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