How Can I Do SEO For My Site?

Here are a few important tips to follow if you wish to do your own search engine optimization by yourself. Follow the ideas given below in the order I have listed them and I am sure you will have pretty good succeess.

  • Get a site audit done first. You can get a free site audit on this site by clicking on ‘FREE Audit‘ Above.
  • In the site audit you will receive a complete list of the various task needed to implement to get your site on page 1 in Google.
  • Follow the steps in the audit.

Now below is a summary what you will find in the audit that’s important to do immediately.

  1. Check your title tag length is maximum 60 characters long. Safe is 55 to 60 characters. If you do this then 90% of your title tag will appear in the search results by Google when someone searches your service or products.
  2. Make sure you have the meta description is 155 to 160 words. If its longer Google will truncated the description to fit.
  3. Insert the focus keyword in the title and meta description. Do not stuff keywords.
  4. Use LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) to support the main keyword phrase.
  5. When you create the content on your post make sure its on topic with the title of the page.
  6. Make sure you have only one H1 tag right at the top of the page.
  7. Make sure your paragraphs have H2, H3 and H4 tags.
  8. Have 3 internal links, linking to the main page, an internal page and or a category page.
  9. Check to see if you have ALT tags for images in place. Preferably have keyword phrases in ALT tags.
  10. Make sure your paragraphs are short with 2 to 3 sentences only. Its makes it easy for visitors to read.
  11. Use questions to begin a paragraph. Make sure each paragraph supports the main keyword phrase or the top if the blog post.
  12. Post the article on citation sites to get back links to that post.
  13. If you want your page to rank have High DA sites linking back to your page.
  14. If your site is new make sure it have a sitemap that is submitted to Google & Bing for indexing.
  15. Lastly submit your site to directories on line.

The 15 suggestions above should help you get started on teh right track to do your own website SEO.

Claude Fullinfaw

Founder & CEO

Cloud SEO Marketing