One of the questions I ask potential clients is how long have you been in business?

The reason why I ask this question is I am curious to see commitment from a client and where they have come from in their business journey.

Having a business that has been around for a while helps the business owner to have a budget to allocate towards marketing, especially search engine optimization.

In life we seldom spend money on our health because in our prime we feel its not worth it as life is good, we are strong and illness or weakness of body is not present. Its only when we start to loose it do we start taking an interest in health.

Its the same in business. Most people businesses just don’t spend the money from ground up making their websites strong enough to withstand the search engine algorithms changes that happen every week. If we start to look at our websites as an extension of our brick and mortar business, we will begin to understand that every single piece of work we do on our site will either bring us customers or drive them away.

So if you wanting to get your website up in as many keyword searches in your niche you certainly can. In my posts here I shall show you what I do to make my sites rank and if you wish use these tips to rank yours too. Reach out if you need help ranking sites of yours.