Google My Business page is a feature all local businesses need to have implemented in their business marketing strategy. Google has allowed local businesses now to have a listing for free in the 3 Pack listing that pops up on all Page 1 searches. This is seen just under the Map listing which we have grown to take for granted. And its totally free.

It is very easy to set this up. However, most people just list their business and get the listing verified. Not many actually go on to optimize the listing fully. There are a number of fields to fill in that then informs Google what you business is truly all about.

Now here is the secret sauce about this Local Search Marketing feature given to you for free. If you just set it up and forget all about it then your exposure on the local listings will not be optimized.

  • You must promote regularly. By regularly I mean very consistently so that your searchers find you.
  • Secondly Google will see your site has fresh content daily.
  • Thirdly when local search click on your site this will then inform Google that your posts are relevant.

If you are planning a listing in Google My Business, just make sure you do all the above properly. If you are going to do something for your business do it well. After all its going to attract more visitors which in turn gets you more inquiries resulting is more sales. Finally your profits increase. Its worth doing well.

Hope I have inspired you to take advantage of this free listing and get more visitors to your website today.