How Is SEO Done?

Here are some easy steps you can follow to do SEO:

  • Start with the end in mind. What is your subject on that your post is all about.
  • Next find a bunch of keywords or phrases around the subject you want to write about. Select a primary keyword and 3 to 5 secondary keywords.
  • The primary keyword phrase will be your title of the post. The Primary Keyword should be a H1 tag. The secondary keywords will be paragraph headers. Use H2 or H3 tags for these headers.
  • As you write your content out keep on topic. Make sure you don’t stray off the topic. You can also insert outbound links to other sites to add value to your post. I would suggest take a snippet of the text from an article you like and then place that snippet in your post with a ‘read more’ link pointing to the other article online. Add a keyword phrase in the title of the link. Try to use as much of what is given to you for SEO especially local seo. Make sure you insert the suburb your local business is in as well as city. This all adds to relevancy.

How Do I So SEO On My Own?

I suggest to follow the hints above. Also head to the SEO resources section here on this page and look at the various tools I have listed there that you can use. Some of them are for free. Others you may need to pay a yearly or monthly subscription.

How Do I Do SEO For FREE?

Like I mentioned above, follow the tips I jotted down. Spend 30 to 60 minutes a day by writing a post, selecting the correct tags and do some internal linking. Once you posted the article make sure you post the link to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to name a few social media sites. This will help you get citations for free. This all adds to great SEO.

Hope this is useful 🙂

Claude Fullinfaw

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