How to authenticate your emails in Siteground hosting

In this post we shall look at where you can unput data to authenticate your emails within Siteground.
Why Is Email Authentication Important!

Email Authentication enables you to set up rules preventing email spoofing. The options below are used to equip email messages with verifiable information so that servers can automatically detect the origin of incoming and outgoing messages and make sure that emails are sent and received from authorized sources.

You have two settings within the panel.


SPF is a mail validation protocol used to prevent email spoofing by telling receiving mail exchangers if a certain email is coming from an IP or host authorised to send email for the sending domain. Having an SPF record is essential to prevent email phishing and spam.


DKIM is an email authentication method used to prevent email spoofing by allowing the receiver to check if an incoming email claimed to have come from a specific domain, was indeed authorised by the owner of this domain.

How To Access The Authenticate Page

  • Login to Siteground
  • Click on websites
  • Click on your domain
  • Then click on Email and in the drop down menu click on Authenticate

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