In this example I will show you a simple chat bot sequence that will give a visitor to your website only two options once they connect with you through the Chat Bot

As soon as someone visits your website and clicks the send message button in Messenger they are first asked to give permission to allow Facebook to connect them to the local business page.

Hello this is Claude from Custom T Shirt Printing 👕. Would you like me to email you with information regarding our printing services? If Yes kindly click “YES PLEASE” below

As soon as they should click “YES Please”  you Next your welcome message will come up asking for the email their want the information sent to. In this case it is …

Is this your email that I can use to send the information to? Regards Claude

PS: under the message it says Email.

Hi {fname}, Thank you for your interest. Could you send me your email so I can forward our list of services to be sent to you.

PS:  You can actually get to see this if you visit the page of Custom T shirt Printing and click the Facebook icon.

As soon as you click “Yes Please” a new message pops up with another message giving the client two options to pick from…

Hi {fname} , Thanks for giving us your email.
Please kindly check your email inbox or Junk box in the next 10 minutes for an email from Custom T Shirt Printing. Chat soon. Claude Fullinfaw, Brisbane

In the tab below the text is permission to ask for the email. If they click this button they will be taken to another message which will populate their true email. All they need to do at this stage is click the email displayed if its correct or not.

PS: As you see above you address the person by the first name through the code “{fname}”. This pulls in their first name as seen in Facebook. It starts to personalize the client experience right from the start.

The message reads as follows…

In the next message the BOT thanks the visitor for the email. Now the BOT has grabbed the email which then goes into an CRM system I use. The email goes out as promised with the information the BOT promised. All this is done automatically at no extra expense and effort from the business.

The next step is to try getting from the visitor how urgent is their order. As this is a T shirt printing business, the BOT offers two options to the visitor…

Option 1: does the client want shirts printed fast.The message reads as

Can you tell me …. do you need printing in a hurry (ASAP) or you need delivery in 2 or 3 weeks? Click the option below to give me an idea on what information I need to send to you

or does the client need shirts printed in the normal time frame of 12 to 16 days.

The BOT then gives the web page that is relevant for the next inquiry so the user can check out whats on offer.

The BOT goes one step further to see if the user wants a real person to call them back. It asks the question …

Excellent {fname} , Here is the webpage to look at below. Each shirt will have “SAME DAY DISPATCH” against it… this means that your shirt will be printed immediately (as long as order is placed before 10 am for printing. Pickup is same day or next day. You can place orders online — Pickup is Monday to Friday only. Though you can call me on the weekends for assistance.

It provides the phone number – the client only has to confirm by clicking the phone tab. Its that easy. As soon as the phone number is clicked the client gets another message confirming that the business will call them soon. It also provides the business phone number.

The business manager gets a FB message in his system saying someone wants a callback and at same time the phone number is updated in the CRM system against the client details captured earlier.

Isn’t this wonderful.

Everything done in real time with no extra expense nor effort on the part of the business owner. Plus the customer gets service immediately and knows that a real person will call back soon. If they want they can also call the business as they have the business managers number too.

Grow your business with leads

  1.  Welcome message thanking visitor for coming and suggesting getting information about the business
  2. Suggest the information be sent by email
  3. Thanking visitor for giving email.
  4. Asking visitor if they want service now (ASAP) or in the normal deliver time frame (two options provided)
  5. Option 1 : takes the visitor through urgent printing, provides the website for Same Day Printing and then suggests getting a callback from the business if need be. If the user picks call back the number is shown. All the user needs to do is click the number and that is sent to the business owner as a FB message.
  6. Now in step 6, 7, 8 we see a sequence where the visitor doesnt need urgent service so the BOT then does almost the same as step 5 but gives the main tshirt website for the user to check out. Offers a callback and thanks the visitor.

You can see the entire sequence in the photo above.

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