How to create email filters in cpanel to sort your emails

In this tutorial I shall show you how to create email filters so you can sort your emails in Webmail.

Here we will use Siteground as the hosting provider.

I will add other posts referring to Godaddy in the future. However you may check.

Automate email management by setting up email filters. Filtering enables you to quickly set up different rules for email processing both on domain level (all emails under one domain) and user level. You can create custom filters for automatic forwarding, sorting, discarding emails and more.

Use these steps below to go to the Siteground page in your member area to access filters

  • Login to your account
  • Next click on websites
  • Next click on the domain your email is located in
  • Next click on Emails and in the drop down menu click on filters.

You can create user level filters or domain level filters.

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