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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, managing a Google Business Profile can be a significant task, especially for businesses with a broad customer base or multiple locations. Collaborative management, where multiple team members share the responsibility of updating and maintaining the profile, can be a game-changer. It not only distributes the workload but also brings diverse insights and expertise to your online presence. This article explores the benefits and process of adding multiple managers to your Google Business Profile, ensuring efficient collaboration and management.

The Benefits of Collaborative Management

Expertise and Specialization:

Different team members can bring their unique skills to the table. For instance, one person might excel at responding to customer reviews, while another has a knack for creating engaging posts.

Timeliness and Responsiveness:

With multiple managers, your business can respond more promptly to inquiries, reviews, and updates, enhancing customer service and engagement.

Workload Distribution:

Sharing the responsibilities reduces the burden on a single individual, ensuring that managing the profile doesn’t become overwhelming or neglected.

Continuous Improvement:

Collaborative management allows for constant monitoring and updating of the profile, ensuring that your business information is always accurate and up-to-date.

Process of Adding Multiple Managers

Step 1: Access Your Google Business Profile

Log in to the Google account associated with your business profile. Navigate to your profile by searching for your business name on Google and selecting “Manage now” or directly through the Google Business Profile Manager dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to the Users Section

Once in your profile dashboard, look for the “Users” section. This can usually be found in the menu on the left side or within the settings.

Step 3: Invite New Users

Click on the “Add users” icon, typically represented by a plus sign (+) or an “Invite new users” button. Here, you’ll be prompted to enter the email addresses of the individuals you wish to add as managers.

Step 4: Assign Roles

Google Business Profile offers different levels of access: Owners, Managers, and Site Managers. Each role comes with its set of permissions.

  • Owners have full control over the profile, including the ability to add or remove other users.
  • Managers have most of the editing capabilities but cannot remove the profile or manage user access.
  • Site Managers have limited capabilities, focusing mainly on interacting with customers through posts, reviews, and messages.

Choose the appropriate role for each user based on their responsibilities and the level of control you wish them to have.

Step 5: Send Invitations

After assigning roles, send out the invitations. The invited users will receive an email notification prompting them to accept the invitation to manage the profile.

Step 6: Confirm and Monitor

Once the invited users accept their invitations, they’ll be able to start managing the profile according to their assigned roles. It’s essential to regularly monitor the activity and contributions of each manager to ensure consistency and adherence to your business’s online strategy.

Best Practices for Collaborative Management

Establish Clear Guidelines:

Set clear guidelines for content, responses to reviews, and overall profile management to ensure consistency across all managers.

Regular Communication:

Encourage regular communication among all managers to coordinate updates, share insights, and discuss strategies.

Periodic Reviews:

Regularly review the profile’s performance, discussing what’s working and what could be improved, to continuously enhance your online presence.

Role Re-evaluation:

Periodically assess whether the assigned roles still fit the team members’ strengths and your business needs, making adjustments as necessary.


Enabling multiple managers for your Google Business Profile can significantly enhance the way your business is presented and engaged with online. By distributing the workload, leveraging diverse skills, and ensuring timely updates and responses, collaborative management can elevate your online presence. Following the outlined steps and best practices will ensure that this collaborative approach is implemented smoothly, leading to more effective and efficient profile management.

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