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Every business needs visibility to get attention to the services and products they sell. Most business owners know this and apply either a regular or irregular approach to getting content out on the net.

By irregular I mean they post content whenever they feel like. They don’t have a content marketing monthly planner.

The most common avenues local businesses in the HVAC, plumbing, electrical and roofing businesses use are placing posts on their Facebook pages and/ or posting to their Google My Business page. This is fantastic as it certainly can bring in more business if you do it regularly.

However, the most powerful way to get more visibility is from getting guest posts and news articles published on high traffic sites such as Google New, Yahoo News, USAToday, etc. But this brings in costs that most small business owners can’t afford.

But Why Are News Releases important?

Let me tell you why…

Is it better if we talk about ourselves or others do?

In life we can go around telling everyone we are good at something such as “air-conditioning repairs, tree lopping or plumbing” by posting work pictures on the net (Facebook, etc) about our work. Yes our fans see this and possibly their friends too. How how many do these days?

In 2022 Facebook has made it harder for the friends of fans to see your posts. The percentage of organic traffic from Facebook has dropped significantly in the last 4 years. Facebook wants us to use Ads to bring in new business. And even then it’s hard to get enough value for placing an AD.

The way around this is to start creating fresh content and publish on other mediums as well. Not just on Facebook.

By creating daily, weekly or even monthly fresh news content and then publishing these news articles and videos to over scores of high 7 and 8 figure traffic sites focusing on what our potential clients are searching for, we stand to gain more traffic with this credibility on the net.

People will see different websites mentioning you in various news articles as the “go to company” for a service or product in their local area in Brisbane. This is a secret that all major brands do every single week. Yet small business owner don’t.

Why? because it takes time and lots of money and small business don’t have deep pockets to spend 100’s of thousands of dollars on marketing every week.

Now you maybe thinking how do you as a small business owner create so much content and what do you write about.

Let me explain how I do this …

Imagine you run an online store selling shoes. Most people target the brand name, the prices, colors, and mention that its for men or women. Yet there are so many other angles (features and benefits) that are related to that particular type of shoe that people are researching the net about. It maybe for wet weather for instance, maybe the leather is from Italy. People actually look for shoes for wet weather or shoes made with Italian leather. If you write articles covering each and every angle about that shoe you will capture a lot more free traffic on Google. And remember the traffic is free!

How To Get More Traffic On Google

This is how I have increased my Organic traffic on Google by 25% in less than 60 days with no AD spend. Isn’t that wonderful.
last month alone in April 2022 I got more than 1200 visitors to my website free.

But here is the issue that most people face and so do I …

They just don’t have the time and money to get all this content marketing stuff done as they are too busy running their business to worry about content writing. They don’t have the skills to do the research and put it all together.

And so they turn to the next easy thing – Paid Advertising.

So if you are paying for advertising, can I ask

how much does a new lead cost you?“. Do the Maths!

If you are paying say $10,000 a month on Plumbing Ads and get 100 paying customers that month, then its costing you $100 a customer. This could be a good percentage of your gross sales made from that sale.

Interestingly each month you got to pay this AD for the business. If you don’t advertise you wont get any calls and no sales. Its a vicious cycle for a local business owner.

My recommendation is keep your Google Ads running but don’t ignore content marketing. The organic listings once captured stays on for a long time and best of all its free.

Just look at the photo I have placed in this blog about the tree and its roots system.

Get more leads for your business

What is the significance of the roots?

Just imagine that each root is a piece of content you have put out on the net targeting your business each week. It may be an article about “how to fix a clogged drain” for instance. Over time you will have possibly 50 to 200 articles targeting various aspects of your business.

As the root system grows (your content) you will notice the tree above the ground growing (your local HVAC business starts to get noticed on Google). Over the coming months and years you will have a very profitable business that one day you can sell for an even bigger profit if you plan well now. All because of content marketing. Check out how I increased the visibility for some of my clients here. Click Here!

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