How To Get Your Brand Name Visible On Google

The first step after you get your website built is you want your business name or Brand Name seen in Google.

This is when you type your name it should be the very first listing in undertaking SEO (search engine optimization) for your local business is to be found for your brand (brand name). You also want your brand or company to pop up to the right of all the organic listings for the brand.

How do we do this …

Get seen for your HVAC business locally

Dominate the front page with your business name

We do this by getting citation sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc to have a listing about your business. There is no limit as to the number of sites to list on. We are not just talking just FB but rather over 25 highly reputable sites such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo, True Local, HotFrog, Tumblr, etc.

We optimize the content that will go onto these sites as well as images and videos that go onto these sites. By doing so the back-links pointing back to your site will tell Google your site is relevant and on topic about the service or business niche you are in.

Now just placing a listing on a Citation site is good but it should not end there. These social sites of yours you just created must be updated frequently or else they will get stale and lack power to push you up into the ranks.

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