How To Make Email Password Changes in Siteground!

In this article I shall walk you through on how to change your email password.

I am using a SiteGround Hosting service however its almost the same for most domain providers.

Below you will see the breadcrumbs on how to access the email password page so you can effortlessly change passwords when you need to.

The first step is to login to your website. Follow the breadcrumbs below to access the password page.

  • Login to website >>
  • Website (seen on Top Menu) >>
  • Site Tools (seen under Domain Name >>
  • Email (seen in left hand Menu) >>
  • Accounts (in Left hand Menu Bar) >>
  • Manage Email Accounts >>
  • Change Password

You will see the main page will now show you the email accounts.

Here you can edit the password for your email easily.

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