What are DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the phonebook of the Internet. Humans access information online through domain names, like nytimes.com or espn.com.

How Do You Manage DNS Templates

You can access the DNS templates by clicking on the DNS Tab. You will then be taken to the Manage Templates Page.

You can click the ADD button to Create DNS templates to store sets of DNS information that you can easily apply to domain names.

How Do You Set Up DNS Zones?

Under the DNS tab you will see “Manage Zones” . Add the domain name you want to search for and add it to this section.

Where Can I Find “Add DNS Hosting

Under the DNS tab in Domain Manager you will find the tab that says “Add DNS Hosting”. Click this.

Enter the domain name you want to manage hosting. You will be asked to make changes to your name servers. You will be given two sets of values that you will need to place in your hosting company DNS settings to point your domain to the server you want to host your domain. Once you do that click Manage DNS.