How To Manage Your Email Quota When Email Quota Has Exceeded!

Learn how to manage your email quota.

This is extremely useful when you need more space in your email account.

In our last post about how to setup up a personalized email for your business we went through the 5 steps just how to create an email for your website domain.

In this post we will go over the steps on how to get into the back office of your email and increase the storage quota.

Why do we need to increase storage quotas and how often do we need to do this?

As you start to use your email you will reach a point when the storage limit given to you SiteGround will get full. You will have to follow these steps below to increase the limit. Its free to do so.

Step 1:

In the image below you will see the arrow pointing to the bottom right corner of the page under managed email accounts. Under the heading Actions you will see 3 vertical dots. Please click this.

Step 2:

A pop out menu will appear. Select “Change Quota” from the selection offered to manage.

On the next page please move the slider to how much storage you need. Then confirm the request.

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