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Redirecting Emails!

How to redirect your emails to GMAIL, Outlook or Hotmail!

In this post you will find the instructions to point your domain’s in Siteground email to Hotmail below.

In fact you can use the same procedure to redirect to GMAIL and OUTLOOK as well

You can forward your email to Hotmail either via the main interface of your domain provider or through your Webmail interface.

I will give you the pathway to access both ways below.

Through The Main Interface:

  • First logon to your Siteground member page
  • Next click on the Tab >> Website
  • Next under your domain select Site Tools
  • Then click Email in left tool bar or select Forwarders
  • Use forwarders to easily redirect emails from one mailbox to another. You can set up discard rules, too. Discard rules are used for preventing emails from reaching a specific inbox or setting up automatic reply messages for unattended email addresses.

Through WebMail Interface:

You can also forward your email direct in the Web Mail interface too.

  • In the Email Account View – you will see to the far right of your new domain email “Action“. Under this you will see 3 dots. Click that.
  • In the drop down menu select Web Mail
  • In Web Mail check the left hand tool bar. – you will see forwarders. This is where you can create forwarders and create rule.

I hope this has been useful.


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