Learn how to setup a SSL certificate in SiteGround for free!

Its is mandatory to have SSL certification on your website these days. The SSL certificate helps encrypts traffic data that passes through your website and then encrypts data such as personal details, credit card numbers, and login credentials. That is why we recommend our clients with free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and premium SSL.  can learn more by reading this article, or in this episode of SiteGround podcast.

Prerequisites for installing a Let’s Encrypt certificate

  • The domain and its www subdomain should be both pointed to your site’s IP address. Otherwise the certificate cannot be verified and installed on your domain.
  • If you’re attempting to install a Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL for a domain name, the server hosting your account must be in control of the DNS zone for the respective domain.
  • There should not be a general redirect upon the installation of the certificate, as it would prevent the HTTP validation from completing. You should temporary remove such redirects until the certificate’s installation is completed. You may safely re-add them after the certificate is successfully installed.

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