I am going to use Chatmatic as the example here where Chat Bots are concerned. However most ChatBots will be almost the same to configure.

The First Step In The Setup:

When you first get a subscription to a ChatBot you will have to add your FB business page to the bot and get permission from Facebook to use it. I show you where to do that in Facebook in another post. Click Here.

Under The Setting Tab:

Under the setting tab you will configure the following:

How to configure the setting page

  • The Persistence menu- The persistent menu allows you to have an always-on user interface element inside Messenger conversations. This is an easy way to help people discover and access the core functionality of your Messenger bot at any point in the conversation.
  • The tags such as Email, Phone, etc.
  • Templates you may be using or have created for future use,
  • Integrations such as Mailchimp and Zapier
  • Automatons to help your bot to add subscribers seamlessly to your autoresponder
  • Admin and lastly
  • Billing

Under The Subscriber Tab:

Here you will see your Facebook subscribers added. In this example I have not asked the bot to capture email addresses or phones as yet. It is just adding them to a Messenger list for me.

How to capture leads in Messenger using a chat bot

In the image below you will see more data collected per person. The data seen is:

  • User attributes (email a& phone) > in this case no data was collected as I had not set the phone to do that
  • The subscribers name
  • How long as the subscriber been with you
  • Total messages sent, total read, total links clicked
  • What tags are attached to the customer. This depends on the links clicked. Its all programmed into the BOT.
  • And you also see the message sequence.

Useful video on the setup of Chatmatic

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