Steps To Point Your GoDaddy domain to SiteGround Servers

Step 1 – Get Your DNS settings from SiteGround

Login to your account in SiteGround and click on Websites as shown in image below

How to host your domain on a different server

Next click on site tools

Next scroll down the page until you seen the DNS settings. Copy these values as you will need to paste these into your Godaddy servers in next step.

Examples of DNS settings are: (IP address) (IP address)


Step 2- Add your DNS setting in Godaddy

Once we have the DNS settings we now head over to the Domain you have in GoDaddy and insert these values in the DNS setting field there. Godaddy then will take a few hours to process the change and you will see your domain in Siteground appear. I will show you where to locate that in another post.

Click on your website name

Next Click DNS in the tab in middle of page in GoDaddy

Once there click on Manage Zones

Next insert your domain name you want to host on SiteGround in the dialog box as seen in diagram

Next page you will see the present Nameservers. Please click the Change button to go to the next page where you can add your new nameserver values you copied to your notepad a few minutes ago!

Once the values are added and saved it will take GoDaddy a few hours to process the change. You can then log back into Siteground and access the transferred domain and host your website on to the domain. In another post I shall show you how to host a WordPress site on your domain and then how to configure it for your business.