How to use email login to your emails on your hosting site!

Learn how to access emails in your hosting provider interface.

Some of us may want to use the hosting provider’s email dashboard to house our emails instead of using GMAIL or Hostmail.

In this article I shall show you where to find that email dashboard with a SiteGround framework.

Use the breadcrumbs I have laid out below and follow the pathway to that specific page.

  • Login to website >>
  • Website (seen on Top Menu) >>
  • Site Tools (seen under Domain Name >>
  • Email (seen in left hand Menu) >>
  • Account >>
  • Manage Email Account >>
  • Action (click on the 3 action dots) >>
  • Click top listing in drop-down menu (login to Webmail)

You will be able to access your email setting on next page and read your email.

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