Is Creating Content Hard?

Content marketing is not hard. However one needs to have the resources at hand to do so.

You really need access to a bit of time, creativity and the ability to write consistent fresh on topic content to get people to notice you online.

Most people have one or the other. They have time but are not good at content writing, or they are great content writers but have no time.

However if you have a career in content writing then all the above isn’t applicable to you.

But most small business owners are not content writers. They don’t have the time to devote to regularly writing content for their businesses.

And if they do most don’t do the articles regularly.


So to sum it up –

though content writing is not hard, is it something you want to focus on or would you get a professional to do that for you?

Thats the million dollar question that you must ask yourself.

So that takes us to the other aspect in your marketing – publishing the content. Have you thought about that?

So what does a content writer cost?

And what does it cost to publish per site?

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