Merging Powers: How to Combine Two Google Business Profiles for Ultimate Impact

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, maintaining a strong and unified online presence is key to business success. For businesses that have ended up with multiple Google Business Profiles for the same location due to changes in management, rebranding, or other reasons, merging these profiles can be a strategic move. Combining two Google Business Profiles not only streamlines your online management efforts but also consolidates your digital footprint, enhancing your visibility and impact on Google. This article will guide you through the benefits, pitfalls, and a step-by-step process of merging two Google Business Profiles.

Understanding the Benefits

Enhanced Visibility:

Merging profiles eliminates confusion for potential customers and Google’s algorithms, ensuring that all traffic and search relevance is directed to a single, authoritative profile.

Consolidated Reviews:

Combining profiles allows you to amalgamate reviews, increasing the overall credibility and appeal of your business listing.

Streamlined Management:

Managing one profile is significantly easier and more efficient than juggling multiple listings, allowing for a more focused approach to updating information and responding to customer interactions.

Recognizing the Pitfalls

Loss of Information:

Merging profiles might lead to the loss of certain information or reviews from one of the profiles. It’s crucial to back up any important content before proceeding.

Verification Challenges:

The merging process may require re-verification, which can temporarily affect the visibility of your business listing.


Once merged, the process cannot be undone. Ensure that merging is the best strategy for your business before proceeding.

Step-by-Step Process for Merging Google Business Profiles

Step 1: Review Profile Information

Before initiating a merge, review the information on both profiles. Decide which profile has the most accurate and comprehensive information, as this will be the primary profile post-merge.

Step 2: Back Up Important Information

Back up all critical information, including photos, posts, and particularly reviews, from the profile that will be merged and absorbed into the primary one.

Step 3: Contact Google Support

Currently, Google does not offer an automated process for merging business profiles through the user dashboard. You will need to contact Google My Business Support directly to request a merge.

a. Access Google My Business Help:

Navigate to the Google My Business Help Center and select ‘Contact Us’ at the top right corner.

b. Choose Your Issue:

Select the issue that best matches your situation. In this case, it might be “Ownership or access to my business,” or you might have to select “Need more help” to get options related to profile management.

c. Request a Call or Email:

Opt for a callback or email from Google Support for personalized assistance. Be prepared to provide details of both profiles and explain why they should be merged.

Step 4: Verify Ownership (If Required)

Google may require you to verify your ownership of both profiles, especially if they have different contact information. Be prepared to complete this step to proceed with the merge.

Step 5: Follow Google’s Guidance

The Google Support team will guide you through the necessary steps. They may handle the merge entirely on their end, or provide specific instructions for you to follow.

Step 6: Review the Merged Profile

Once Google confirms the merge, review the updated profile thoroughly. Ensure that all critical information, reviews, and photos have been correctly consolidated.

Step 7: Update and Optimize the Merged Profile

With the merge complete, take the opportunity to update and optimize the consolidated profile. Ensure all information is current, add new photos, and consider making a post about any changes to your business that customers should be aware of.


Merging two Google Business Profiles can significantly enhance your online presence and streamline your digital marketing efforts. By following the correct process and working closely with Google Support, you can ensure a smooth transition to a single, impactful profile. Remember, preparation and clarity about the benefits and potential challenges are key to leveraging the full power of your consolidated Google Business Profile.

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