Unbranded Keywords – How To Optimize

Unbranded keyword improvement ideas:

Unbranded keywords ar those words or phrases that people search for when looking for products or services that your company offers. These are not related to your business name which would fall under branded keywords. Here we are talking about specific money keywords that will get searchers to your site.

Under this section, we will look at …

  • Update obsolete content
  • Internal linking: linking to internal articles more effectively
  • Generate buzz – Introduce more user interaction around good content that maybe be neglected or hard to find on the site. Perhaps doing more Social Media relationships
  • Learn from competitions – Learn what the competition is doing, either equal them or surpass them in utility with unique value.

PS: Now what we recommend will be the BEST ideas for the least investment. We will also specify which improvements may take more time, however, giving better benefits long term. Whatever we do, we will always think how best will our work impact your site long term positively.

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