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How Do I Find A Local SEO Expert Near Me In Brisbane?

How Do I Find A Local SEO Expert In Brisbane?

The best place to start is on Google. Search for Top SEO Brisbane Experts. A list of the best local SEO Brisbane professionals will pop up in the organic search in Google. For example –

Google “Local Seo Brisbane‘. You will see our site on Page on Google. PS: check our FAQs at bottom of page.

Here is a short list of 6 questions to ask your local SEO agency:

  1. What on-page SEO work do they plan to do on your current website? Can they give you a detailed list of all intended work?
  2. What off-page work do they plan to do? Can you cite what is the off-page work they intend doing?
  3. How many citation sites will you get mentioned on?
  4. Will they help you with your Google My Business page as well as Google Maps?
  5. How many web pages will they optimize for the SEO price quoted?
  6. Do they intend you signing a fix term SEO contract with their SEO agency in Brisbane?

If you need any advice MSG me via the Contact Form above.

Claude Fullinfaw

Stafford Heights

How Much Is SEO Per Month?

Your local SEO should cost you anywhere from $500 upwards *. This depends on the work done as well as how many pages on the site needs to be search engine optimized for how many keywords. The more keywords and pages the more the SEO price. However, for just one page and 3 keywords you can expect to pay from $500 upwards depending on how competitive the niche you are in.

The more competitive, the more work needs being done. Hence the price may be closer to $1000 or more. It boils down to how you want to dominate your competitors. If your competition is working harder to  be in the Top 10 in Google then you need to work harder too.

* Check our specials on SEO pricing below.

‘Are You The Cheapest In Brisbane For SEO?

I would say for what I deliver in search engine optimization we are the cheapest.

Setup Cost: $1500**  (one time cost- plus GST). This is our special rate for the moment.

Our Rate: Our monthly ongoing price to get your listed in organic search is $1000 a month (plus GST).

Contracts: There are no contracts or penalties if you chose to cancel.

Guarantee: We are almost sure you will see results within 6 to 16 weeks. This is based from what we have seen happen in our case studies. However we cannot give written guarantees because we cant control what Google does. We follow guidelines around what Google requires and in doing so are confident our work will be successful for our clients.

Dear Local Business Owner In Brisbane,

This is Claude Fullinfaw and I am the founder & Director at Cloud SEO Marketing in Brisbane Queensland.

I am like you a local business person having run local businesses in Brisbane for over 30 years. While running my businesses I realized how the market place started to change in 2001 when many of the popular used sites like Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, MSN Search, Bing, AOL Search, Infoseek,, Netscape, etc. started to disappear over night.

Today Google is the main search engine where most people do their research before they buy products and services.

If you are a local business in Brisbane we are SEO Brisbane experts who can help you rank for local searches as well as nationally for business niche.

Example if you are a plumber then we will help you get your site on page 1 of Google for your site as well as for the 3 Pack Map listing as seen above in our photo.

How Do I Do SEO For My Website?

  • At our local SEO Brisbane agency we shall help you do the SEO for your website.
  • We do all our work in house unlike most SEO agencies in Australia that outsource their work.
  • When you work with us at our local SEO company here in Brisbane you will be working with me and I shall help you get the local traffic you want from Google.
  • You will be tapping into my years of digital marketing expertise where I will personally focus on helping you to get to the Top position in Google SERPS so you can get multiple ROI on your investment in SEO.

How Do I Find A Good SEO Expert?

And if this isn’t enough – Ask yourself – “How did you find me?” Chances are you searched for ‘local SEO + your city’. In this example its “local SEO Brisbane” that you searched for. This search term “Local SEO Brisbane” or even “Brisbane Local SEO” is by far one of the most difficult keywords to rank for as every SEO in the region is fighting tooth and nail for it.

It’s proof that whoever ranks at the top is the best in the industry.

Is It Worth To Be Paying For SEO?

Just Imagine!

Is it worth paying for SEO work done to your website here in Brisbane?

Now I wish you to imagine for a few seconds how your revenue will explode if you allow me to work on your site’s SEO? How would your life be if you had 2, 3, or 4 times more prospects coming through each and every week to your business with more local search results?

Needless to say – it will improve every area of your life dramatically. What impacts your business positively will soon impact your personal life as well.

How Much Does SEO Cost In Australia?

I must warn you though – I can’t take everyone. As My prices begin from $700 a month for small businesses I get many inquiries.

Hence I chose to work with a few select clients at any one time to give them the best value. This helps me to give better service to each one of them and they tend to see results in the rankings quicker.

Like I mentioned in one of my post, its whether you after price or cost in a project. If you want a good price where the ongoing cost will be low then I am the person for you. Because of the ROI I will be bringing you. If my charge cost you just $1 for every 5 or 6 dollars I bring you a month will that help you?

However, if you want a cheap price where you don’t care what it will cost you in the long term then I am not your man. I don’t like taking short cuts and not delivering on your expectations. I give quality work and over 12 months you will find my local SEO work is far cheaper than most others who quote you lower prices. Read my article here on cost vs price above.

How Do I Hire An SEO Expert?

Now …

 Because my clients get my personal attention to rapidly grow their traffic and revenue, I can only work with a select handful of clients.

I chose to work with just one client from one industry in a region (town or city). This help as I protect you from your competition. Its only fair.

I only take on 4 new clients a month and look for businesses that are already established and have a desire to keep growing their business further. Businesses that believe that advertising is important and that local SEO plays a vital part in an overall marketing strategy to win.

If you are such a business owner and can imagine yourself winning, rising to the top of the Google rankings, out beating your competition and closing each month higher with sales then do give me a call. I am here to assist you.

I suggest doing the following below to get the ball rolling.

1. Fill in the Discovery Form by Clicking Here
2. I will do a free audit web site report underlying what needs to be done and
3. Give you a estimate of costs involved.
4. I shall set a 45 minute ZOOM call at a convenient time to discuss points 3 & 4 above with you.

Once you agree we can get started and expect to see some exciting things happening soon.

Claude Fullinfaw

Cloud SEO Marketing
Founder and SEO Expert

Stafford Heights

Some FAQS To Help You!

So how do you do SEO for website?

Follow these simple steps below:

  • Get a thorough site analysis done
  • Fix all the missing elements mentioned in the web page analysis report sent to you.
  • Two areas to look at – on-page SEO and Off-page SEO

The first step is get your free audit done – Click Here!

What is meant by “Local SEO”?

SEO means search engine optimization. Simply put its to make sure all your coding, keywords and references are tailored to suit your local area. You can attract people nationally or locally. When your page is engineered to bring customers from the suburbs around you its called Local SEO.

MSG us through our contact page for more assistance. Don’t forget to get your FREE Web Audit we provide too. 🙂

Is SEO Free? We all love things to be free. The best way to get free SEO done is by doing it yourself.

However if you are ignorant on how it gets done then it will cause more damage than good. Its best to have a small budget or save up and then get a SEO expert to help you. If you are a small business such as a Massage Parlor or Plumber we can help you with a monthly spend of just $495 per month.

Give us a call or email us through our contact form here!

Who is the best SEO expert?

The best SEO professional is someone who listens to what you want to achieve and then helps you get your business objectives.

At Cloud SEO Marketing we do the following:

  1. Get you to first fill in the Discovery Form. here we learn about your business.
  2. Next we do an indepth analysis on your business through our site audit. Its free to do this.
  3. We then have a 45 min consultation to discuss our SEO work that we propose and the cost.
  4. Lastly we then start work. Give you a detail monthly report of work done, how site pages are performing, etc.
  5. No contracts. You pay before the work begins and every 30 days. You can cancel any time.

Fill in the Discovery Form now. Click Here!

What is The Cost Of SEO?

The cost will depend on the following factors:

  • How competitive is your business niche?
  • How many web pages are you trying to rank?
  • How many keywords are you wanting to target?
  • How much work will it take to outrank the competition?

Normally for small businesses such as electricians, plumbers, air conditioning contractors, massage, hairdressers, etc it will be just $700 per month to optmize the site for local seo.



Here are tips on how you can improve your local searches per month.

  • Post at least once a week on your website
  • Post an image or post on Google My Business listing at least 5 days a week
  • Show ‘how to do…. ‘ article on what you do at least once a week on the above sites

If you are too busy with your business and wish a SEO expert in Brisbane to take care of this then give us a call through our contact form.

Claude Fullinfaw

SEO in marketing helps websites connect with people who are searching for services or things to buy on Google. If done properly you can bring in organic traffic from the net to your site.

PS: Give yourself at least 12 months to see results.

What is SEO Service?

Most people are in confusion about what they get in SEO for the money. Because a customer doesnt exactly know what is being done it is a very gray area and if you get people who are not skilled enough you land up losing your investment as well as your site will not get any traffic from Google.

Make sure you pick the right SEO Expert in Brisbane to assist you. Just don’t go for the cheapest.

Another thing to bear in mind is every website designer or web creator isnt a SEO expert. These are two very different fields of expertise. Get your web designer to create your site then get your SEO Brisbane agency to do the search engine optimization for the sites.

Get in touch with us as we can assist if you are looking for a local seo agency to help you.

Yes you can do SEO by yourself certainly if you know what is to be done.

However, my advise to people who ask me this question “can I do SEO” is to leave the work to experts and focus on what you do best in your area of business.

If you are looking to make money from people finding you on the net do call us as we can certainly assist you too.



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These points below will help you understand what local business do for SEO.

  • They get a responsive site built
  • They make sure the site loads fast
  • They make sure their images are not too big to slow the site down
  • They make sure they answer a lot of questions that potential buyers are asking
  • They post regularly on their sites
  • They get connected with good high Trust websites on the internet.

Most business may feel they can do this but lack of time make these tasks too much to handle. Its best to look for a SEO Brisbane expert to handle these task for you. Call us if you want a quote. Or Email us.

This is Claude from Stafford Heights, Brisbane.

Small business can spend from $500 upwards on SEO.

If you are a sevice business such as a plumber it will be around $600 to $1000 a month to do SEO. This will depend how fierce the competition is in your area. Give us a call and we shall do a full audit to see how best we can do local SEO for you. Click Here for the Audit.


Your monthly SEO should cost between $700 and $2500 a month.Again this will vary for the following reasons:

  • How competitive is your niche?
  • How many keywords are you going after?
  • Is the competition doing a lot of SEO themselves?

These factors may push the price up for some niches. However do ask us and we can have a check to see how we can help you.

Send us a detail inquiry through this link – click here!

SEO Brisbane – Local Search Engine Optimization For Brisbane City Business

Here is a list of areas ny postcose that we do quality affordable SEO in Brisbane for. The SEO agency in Brisbane works with your business to get you into the local top ranks in Google as well as into the Google 3 Pack Map Listings that you can now avail through Google My Business listing. Contact at through our SEO Brisbane agnecy.

18 Inner City of Brisbane Suburbs We cater To:

Brisbane CBD District in Queensland that we do SEO Brisbane Agency Work for:

Bowen Hills 4006 – Brisbane 4000 – East Brisbane 4169 – Fortitude Valley 4006 – Herston 4006 – Highgate Hill 4101 – Kangaroo Point 4169 – Kelvin Grove 4059 – New Farm 4005 – Newstead 4006 – Paddington 4064 – Petrie Terrace 4000 – Red Hill 4059 – South Brisbane 4101 – Spring Hill 4000 – Teneriffe 4005 – West End 4101 – Woolloongabba 4102

Call Claude Fullinfaw to assist you.

SEO Brisbane For The Northern Suburbs

At Brisbane SEO Agency we do the top affordable local SEO on Northside of Brisbane for local business with the following 49 postcodes. We are your SEO expert near me (you).

Northern Suburbs in BNE, Queensland:

Albion 4010 – Alderley 4051 – Ascot 4007 – Aspley 4034 – Bald Hills 4036 – Banyo 4014 – Boondall 4217 – Bracken Ridge 4017 – Bridgeman Downs 4035 – Brighton 4017 – Brisbane Airport 4008 – Carseldine 4034 – Chermside 4032 – Chermside West 4032 – Clayfield 4011– Deagon 4017 – Eagle Farm 4009 – Everton Park 4053 – Ferny Grove 4055 – Fitzgibbon 4018– Gaythorne 4051 – Geebung 4034 – Gordon Park 4031 – Grange 4051 – Hamilton 4007 – Hendra 4011 – Kalinga 4011 – Kedron 4031 – Keperra 4054 – Lutwyche 4030– McDowall 4053 – Mitchelton 4053 – Myrtletown 4008 – Newmarket 4051 – Northgate 4013 – Nudgee 4014 – Nudgee Beach 4014 – Nundah 4012 – Pinkenba 4008 – Sandgate 4017 – Shorncliffe 4017 – Stafford 4053 – Stafford Heights 4053 – Taigum 4018 – Virginia 4014 – Wavell Heights 4012 – Wilston 4051– Windsor 4030 – Wooloowin 4030 – Zillmere 4034

SEO agency near me – Contact us