How To Rank In Google With Less Resources

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There are 3 places for a new business to focus on when they consider employing an SEO expert to look at their search engine optimization for local listings. The suggestions below are for either a new business, an existing business with some SEO being done or a business that needs fresh exposure.

PS: I write this post for local SEO Brisbane however it is valid for any local SEO for Sydney or Melbourne or for that matter any other city in Australia or overseas.

 1. Now the first thing to do is optimize for the 3 Pack GMAP that Google has. Its free to get a local listing and is very effective. It does take time and effort though and we suggest finding a SEO expert in Brisbane to do this for you as the time you would spend on this project isn’t worth it.

I feel You rather could work more effectively on your business and leave geek stuff to the SEO professionals to do their job well. MSG us if you need help with this.

PS: You should not only consider optimizing your business for one suburb but all the suburbs in your local city that you can profit from. Ask your local seo expert Brisbane for advice.

2. The second thing to do is optimize your website to rank for the keywords you chose. I suggest starting with 3 to 5 keywords and get those ranking first. Behind each of those search terms are what we call LSI keywords that will help you get a broader reach locally.

Now “LSI” stands for Latent semantic indexing. LSI Keywords are essentially keywords related to the keyword that you search for on search engines such as Google.

3. The third SEO objective is to optimize for off-page where you focus on getting quality links back to your site. We should use the keywords above to strengthen off page links. PS: All our SEO work is done in house without software programs and manually. We use white hat procedures and nothing illegal.

4. The 4th step is run Google Adwords to get traffic while your SEO takes effect. AS it takes 12 to 24 months for effective SEO to work so we need some traffic in the meantime. Adwords will help bring in traffic in mean time. This will certainly take some investment and may not be suitable for a startup. So you have to decide if this is or not for you.

5. Lastly make sure you do some work on your-site each month to keep your site fresh with topics of interests for visitors from Google.

Remember Google wants their customers to be happy. If you do attract people and they are happy with your information then Google is happy with you and will reward you with good local rankings. They will increase your exposure and your traffic from Google increases over time.

Always keep Google’s customers in mind. Those customers may eventually become your clients too. Its a win win for everyone. You, Google and the clients.

I hope this article is helpful.

If you need help do ask me as I am here to assist.

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