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Dominate the top SEO Melbourne results for your local business in Victoria. Our Melbourne City SEO strategist can position you to rank well on Page 1 on the local SERPS in Victoria Australia. Take the FREE website audit. Only your email is required and we will send it to your inbox in a couple of hours. To your online success!

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Top cities in Melbourne Victoria Australia  we can do local SEO for:

Melbourne, Southbank, South Melbourne, Footscray, Docklands, Box Hill, West Melbourne, Richmond, South Yarra, Doncaster, Preston, Brunswick, North Melbourne, Moonee Ponds, Collingwood, St Kilda, Port Melbourne, Colburg, Hawthorn East, Victoria.

What Is Our Melbourne Local SEO Services About?

Below is a list of search engine strategies we can implement into your websites to help SERP results for your local businesses in Cities in Victoria. This is a mix of on-page and off-page strategies that are proven to be very effective.

Search Engine Optimization

We like to position ourselves more of a Google Strategist rather than a SEO expert. We discuss what your business needs are and then implement on-page and off-page strategies to help your local Sydney rankings.

Content Optimization

Right now your website will surely have great content. However, is that content optimized for SEO so the search engines can find it in the CBD district of Melbourne & cities of Victoria, Australia. We may suggest replacing certain words to have more impact to drive more traffic to the web pages. Let us explain more below.

On Page Optimization

How do we optimize web pages to be readable by search engines and humans? In this section we look at what we must do to be on topic so when people find us on the internet so that we give them exactly what they are searching for. This is called page relevancy. Good on-page optimization.

Melbourne SEO Strategist

We are not sales people who outsources projects to overseas firms. We do all our jobs in house. You will meet real people who will listen to what you want to achieve, help you to strategise your business needs  and then we shall help create marketing solutions to suit your company’s goals

Data Analysis

As your website starts to attract visitors around Australia we will be able to gather that information through advanced Google Analytics and provide insights to whats happening to your site. This can be as indepth as you want. You have total control here.

Google My Business

GOOGLE has made its really easy for local business now to be listed and also seen on page 1 in the SERPS. All you need to do is claim your listing and optimize it. If you are too busy to do this we can do this for a small fee.

Case Study - Rankings On Google Maps


Quite a few SEO experts working for local Melbourne businesses simply claim the brand name for the company, upload a few photos and write a short description and then forget all about this listing. Its a set and forget approach. Its not the way to go about dominating the competition.

What we specialize in is to optimize your Local Google listing for:

  • Local search in various suburbs or neighborhoods you wish to trade in
  • We optimize for commonly searched search phrases by potential buyers
  • We optimize the listing to come in the 3 Pack Map Listings
  • As part of our service we also help to post content to your GMB (Google My Business) listings. These posts then tend to come up in the local searches in the 3 Pack GMB. Pretty powerful when people want a service or product and they find you. All because you did every right from the start.

Monthly Website Performance Reports

Each month you will get a full performance report on how your site has performed over the last 30 days. There is no extra charge for this. Its part of the monthly cost of doing local SEO for your business in Sydney. You can opt for a weekly report if you need one. A small charge will apply.

Here is a list of what you can expect:

  • Full Google Advanced Analytics on your site
  • The keywords you are ranking for, page rank of each keyword. The keywords people search for in your area.
  • The metrics of your visitors – age, gender, location
  • The number of back-links pointing to your site
  • The Citation Flow & Trust Flow improvement each month

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

Imagine having a member of your staff working on SEO everyday and you need to pay this person not only a weekly wage but all the add-ons such as holiday pay, sick leave and other loadings.

When we partner with us you just pay a monthly fee and we take care of your SEO marketing for Melbourne domination for you. Because we do this everyday we are more cost effective and efficient.

Just imagine we are an extension of your business that works outside your office.

Answers to Your Questions

What is a Local SEO expert?

I have stressed here about local SEO simply because most businesses are local. We can optimize your website to appear in the first page of Google in local SERPS as well as appear in the 3 Pack Map Listings under the Google My Business listings in your city in Melbourne, Victoria. What we focus on in getting you to appear in as many localities around your neighborhood as possible. This will dominate the competition.

How Can I Do SEO On My Own?

You can certainly do your own SEO on your own in Melbourne. Many of my clients feel the same way as you mainly because they feel that SEO experts don’t deliver. If this is the case certainly try. However, I feel you are good at your job so why not allow us to do what we do best, thats helping you with local search in cities in Victoria, Australia. I will list some case studies here that you can browse and check our work out. If satisfied get in touch with us.

What Are The Benefits Of SEO?

Here are a few benefits of SEO:

  • Increased traffic
  • It have long term results. You dont have to pay for costly Ads. The results are cost effective compared to higher paying methods such as Google Ads, etc.
  • Your competitors are doing SEO. If you don’t you will lose out
  • Helps to take your business to the next level in the local listings in Melbourne and neighboring suburbs
  • Helps to get your brand established on Google

Why Is SEO Cost Effective Melbourne Businesses?

SEO is cost effective because you don’t have to pay 1000’s of dollars each month on advertising. The moment you stop paying for Ads your traffic stops.

When SEO is done well you will get continuous web traffic to your site. Now we suggest keep doing SEO on a monthly basis to stay on top of everything. If your competition is doing it so must you. Otherwise they will take over. In saying that it doesnt have to break the bank. Its like maintaining your car. Just maintain your local SEO listing in Perth consistently and you will stay on top of the local SERPS in Melbourne.

Is SEO A Waste Of Money For City of Melbourne Businesses?

Certainly not. However if you pick a SEO firm to do your work and if they don’t deliver then it certainly is a bad investment. Just make sure the person you are speaking to knows about SEO and can work with you. Sometimes they may know their job well but may not be very approachable when you get issues down the track. Remember that a SEO expert is an extention of your business. He must feel and breathe your business to beat down your competitors. So chose your SEO strategist wisely.


SEO helps you market your brand and business on Google’s pages. The aim is to be on page 1. This form of marketing is almost free. Once you got the SEO in place you can expect web traffic for free. You just pay for the SEO service provided.

Our Latest Projects

Below is a list of projects we have done. This will show case what we can do in local SEO for your Business in Melbourne or Western Australia based businesses.

When we attempt to do your SEO we will look at three areas to dominate competition from other local businesses. These are:

  • Page 1 listings in Google SERPS and Bing
  • Video listings in Google under Google Video as well as in main SERPS. You probably seen video pop up in page 1 listings. This is where we will work hard to get your company to rank in.
  • Google My Business listings. This is very powerful as a local business can get a free listing here. What makes this very attractive to do is now we can get your business in the 3 Pack Map listings. When we get you in this listing you dominate the competition. We help you to get listed not just for your suburb but multiple suburbs for a multiple of keywords. Would you like to get calls from potential clients in all neighborhoods? This is your answer.

SEO Ranking

Check out how we rank our site on page 1 for the city we operate in. If we can do it for ourselves we can do it for you too.

Video Rankings

Check out how we have ranked for these videos on Google. These are YouTube Videos that now dominate page 1. We go after low competition keywords to get more traffic to you.

GOOGLE MY Business Listings

Check out how we have started to dominate the 3 Packs for keywords as well as for suburbs. At the time of this writing this project was only 25 days old. You too can get similar results.


This is Claude Fullinfaw, family man and entrepreneur like you. I too have a business and like you want to take care of my customers like I love being taken care of. You will get exception service from me as well as you will deal with me personally. No chasing calls or waiting weeks for an a followup call. You will deal with me personally.

I live and work in Brisbane. I carry out business nationally using ZOOM conference calls.

I look forward to help you achieve your business goals through online visibility on the SERPS.

Claude Fullinfaw

Founder & CEO, Cloud SEO Marketing

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