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Imagine your business is ‘John Doe Electricals Brisbane‘ and someone wants to check out who you are and the services you provide. When they search for your brand name – ‘John Doe Electricals’ imagine you take over the whole page of the Google results. This is what branding means. Going after your brand keywords means optimizing local search results for your company name and its products and services.

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SEO Professional Services Brisbane

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Optimize Your Brisbane Local SEO On Websites With Unbranded Keywords

What Are Unbranded Keywords?


Let’s go back to the example above of John Doe’s Electricals. People who are looking for an electrician to help them would normally enter words such as electrician brisbane, electrician brisbane northside, electrician brisbane southside, etc.


These are also called money keywords. In the example below you will see how we have ranked for the money keyword that is called seo professional services in Google organic search results. You also see we take out top video listings as well. Would this SEO expertise help you with more business traffic? Learn what a site audit is- Click here!

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Local search engine optimization services in Brisbane QueenslandI have known Claude Fullinfaw from Cloud SEO Marketing since Dec 2017 and highly recommend his SEO and SEM services to anyone looking to improve the search engine rankings in Google. Being an SEO expert myself I find his knowledge outstanding and his professionalism to do the task is second to none. I am willing to recommend him.