Step By Instructions In Building Your First Website


Starting An Online Business!

This is a step by Step Guide to walk you through how to take a business idea and register the name as a domain, then host that domain on a server online and finally build a website on the domain.

The points we will cover here are

  • Where to register domains – click here
  • Steps to do after your buy the domain – click here
  • Hosting the domain (either on the company server you purchased it from or on another server. In this case we will show you how to host it on a different server. click here
  • Components of a website. This includes the plugins you may need to get you up and started. click here
  • Adding WordPress to your domain so you can then build your website on this platform. click here
  • WordPress themes I use -click here
  • Setting up your business email – click here
  • Pointing it to or click here