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You may visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/claudefullinfaw/ which is my Linkedin Profile of Testimonials from Real Business Owners & CEOs. Feel free to add me as a contact. Statistics show that over 66% of SEO & Internet Marketers Testimonials are simply just made up or fabricated. Here is just what a few are saying about my work!

Claude is one of the experts when it comes to SEO. His business experience, professionalism, and expertise will no doubt will bring an exponential growth to your business. Not only he will bring you on page one of search engines with his SEO skills but can also guide you to get customers through his system which you can implement to your business and see it growing every day. I highly recommend using his services.


Nitish Taneja

Pilot/ SEO and Digital Marketing Expert, Nitishtaneja- Digital Marketing Expert | Feb 24th, 2017. Nitesh worked with Claude at different companies

Claude is a thorough and competent SEO professional. For fast ranking strategies and tactics for business websites, we recommend Claude.


Gary McGeown

Senior SEO, NI SEO - Irelands leading Search Engine Marketing Company. Garry worked with Claude but at different companies

Claude from Cloud SEO does an excellent job in ranking websites. His strategy is incredibly powerful and efficient.


Kamil Kowalkowski

Co-Founder at SEO, SEO Services USA, Feb 22nd, 2017. Claude worked with Kamil in the same group

It was a great experience working with Claude. He’s very knowledgeable in SEO and knows what it takes to rank on top. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for successful results in their business.


Siraj Hudda

Search Engine Optimization Expert, Hudda Infotech Pvt Ltd. Siraj was a client of Claude